Visible signs should alert you to have your roof diagnosed urgently by a professional roofer. A drip of water on the walls or the ceiling, traces of mold, or poor insulation inside the house say more about the condition of your roof.

When should an emergency roof repair be done?

There are different ways to know that your roof needs repair or renovation.

Material type

The nature of the material determines when it is necessary to undertake a possible repair of the roof.

Each type of material does not have the same lifespan and does not degrade in the same way. For example, clay roof tiles can last for a decade but can break and wear very quickly due to climatic stresses. In this case, it is necessary to perform an emergency repair or renovation of the roof.

As for the slate roof, its longevity is estimated at two years. However, do not hesitate to do work every 24 months to replace damaged tiles.

Visible signs

The roof performs several important roles that impact the house’s thermal comfort and airtightness.

A damaged roof thus leads to poor thermal insulation, which can significantly increase the electricity bill. In addition, heating equipment is unable to compensate for the heat losses that occur through the roofs.

Sealing problems are manifested by the appearance of traces of humidity on the walls and ceiling, water drips, or by mold stains.

These are emergency cases where a professional roofer must be alerted to perform repairs.

What could be the origins of these problems?

Lack of maintenance is most often the cause of roof problems.

As the roof is not always easy to access, owners sometimes forget to include them in the routine maintenance work. However, bad weather and climatic hazards are not spared the cover, and damage is inevitable.

In some, the roofs are damaged due to a lack of know-how. The person who did the maintenance does not have the skills required to do the work. He could have broken or damaged the coating without doing it on purpose or used the wrong cleaning products. This is why it is wiser to entrust the roofing work to professional artisans.

How does a professional roof renovation work?

A roof repair or renovation by a professional goes through several stages.

First, the roofer makes a diagnosis of the roof to find the origin of the problem. Next, he analyzes the house’s interior to find the visible signs, then detects the damaged parts of the roof.

Once he has found the source of the problem, he can thus determine the appropriate solution: carry out a repair or a partial renovation.

He establishes an estimate of works that the customer will accept or not.

If the craftsman has the green light to start the work, he repairs or replaces the damaged coatings. Then, he solves the problems of waterproofing and insulation and takes care of cleaning the roof but also of the gutter.

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