How To Select the Perfect Sports Bra for Your Body Shape?

Women always want to look good, irrespective of the activity they are engaged in. While this is okay, certain activities beg you to look past fashion and aesthetics and focus more on comfort and function. Exercise is one of those activities. One of the reasons many women give up going to the gym or engaging in workouts is the lack of adequate fitness gear. While exercising, if not adequately supported, your breasts can bounce several inches up, down, or sideways, causing you great pain and discomfort. That is precisely why sports bras were made. However, shopping for a sports bra is not something done half-heartedly as the effect of wearing poorly fitting sports bra is the same as not wearing any at all. Hence, you have to be careful and knowledgeable on what kind of sports bra best suits your body type and workout. This article has provided a guide on what to look out for when buying a sports bra for your workouts.

Tips for buying the perfect sports bra

There are three kinds of sports bras, each catering to different types of breast sizes. They include:

1. Compression Sports bra: These are suitable for ladies with small breasts. Like its name implies, a compression sports bra compresses the breast to prevent bouncing and movement. They are usually worn over the head as they have no back or front closure and are perfect for low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, weight training.

2. Encapsulated Sports bras: They have individual cups which are used to support each breast. If you have large breasts, this is an excellent pick for you. Encapsulated sports bras are perfect for medium-impact workouts such as dancing and cycling, reducing bouncing and strain.

3. Combination Sports bra: These sports bras are a combination of Compression and Encapsulated sports bras. They help push your breast against your body and still support them with individual cups. Combination sports bras mostly have underwires to provide support for your breasts while exercising. As a result, they are regarded as high-impact sports bras suitable for workouts like running and aerobics.

Buy your sports bra from a reputable brand

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