How to Set Up and Use Facebook Business Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook Business Manager

On Facebook, there are many business pages and to run these pages, appropriate management and usage are needed. Facebook Business Managers manage these pages through dashboards and ads. It’s a free way to manage your business on Facebook. It allows the business page owner to put the ads of their interests. It manages the page by permitting the owner to put the posts, ads, and insights. In this way, the owner can manage their account according to their will.

Step-by-step guide

To use Facebook business management there are some steps that you have to follow one by one.

Step 1

First of all, visit after entering the website you will find a short introduction about the working of tools. Moreover, you will have links to other tools of the website, for instance, assets creation that is used only in matters of troubleshooting.

Step 2

            The second step is to create a new business on the business manager.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the option of business manager
  • Select the option of “create page”
  • Select the type of page
  • Enter the name of the company and other details that have been asked

Step 3

In the third step, we add an ad account on Facebook Business Manager.

  • Click on ‘ GENERAL” from the left side of the Facebook Business Manager
  • Click on the “Add account” after scrolling down the “Manage ad account”
  • Give a name to your account
  • Provide it with a Facebook page that it will start managing a page
  • Select the ad according to the type of account
  • Click on the “add account” and you will get your ad account

You have another option of linking your Facebook account with your Instagram account

Step 4

In this step, you will learn the ways of requesting access to different pages through your Facebook Business Manager.

  • Click on the button “request access” that is next to the name of the page
  • Now review the requests on your page
  • For adding the assets to need to get the approval of the admin or owner before

This process will take some time as Facebook is aware of the process. In addition, there is no limit on the review requests.

Step 5

This step emphasizes the management of your business assets in the Facebook Business Manager. You may share the information related to the business that would be important for the people via sharing through different assets. For instance, the information related to working hours, address of the website, offering services, location, and other more.

In the case of having various companies, which are the same in some ways, a Facebook Business Manager will aid you to manage and organize all in a single place.


Apps come in the section of developer that is amazing for business. You can integrate into the other services and websites by developing apps. To get the demographic details about customers, you have to add information regarding your business. It will help you to know about the customers who want to take the offers. You will also have the authority to take some actions by using the Business manager.

Commerce accounts

Facebook will also help in managing your multiple e-commerce accounts. Facebook Business Manager provides its services here as well. The purpose of designing Facebook Business Manager was for selling products and services through digital and physical means.

Data sources

In the column of Business settings, you will have the option of data sources. In the data sources, you will have a list of sources, for instance, event source groups, Facebook pixels, business creative folders, and many others.

Step 6

In this step, you will learn the ways to add people and partners. Facebook gives you the authority to assign different specific tasks to other persons and partners. Creating a profile that is understandable for an individual is an essential task; so that they can handle their assigned tasks easily.

Step 7

In the following step, the asset organization is a key factor for your business. For getting easy and quick access, Facebook Business Manager aids you to organize your assets in the form of groups.

  • On the left side of Business Manager Facebook, click on “Groups”
  • Name the group that you are creating
  • You can drop the pages and accounts in your new group, as you can add unlimited items to your group
  • After getting groups, accounts, and pages under your control create ads
  • Click on the sidebar, so that you will be in the ads section of Facebook
  • You will find ready-made campaigns there, choose from them


Finally, for creating new ad campaigns or analyzing recent ads, you can utilize the services of Facebook Business Manager without logging in. By staying on your account you can check the performance of your page, for instance, the activities of tagging, replying, and messaging from the customers. Another great perk of Facebook Business Manager is that it is available on business and personal profiles.

I hope you will get great information about the use and importance of Facebook Business Manager!

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