How To Setup The Fritzbox WiFi 11AC Router With Your Phone?

The Fritzbox router is a wireless 11ac technology built-in home networking device. It offers blazing wireless transmission speed & also offers mighty network coverage. Every home networking device is able to get the wireless range with the Fritzbox router. Additionally, the 4 Gigabit Port is built-in that offers the fritz box to work with wired devices such as smart TV, gaming console, & more. This port is built-in on the back panel of the Fritzbox WiFi 11AC router. Additionally, 2×USB ports are also built-in on the fritz box that allows working with USB devices like printers, network-attached storage devices, & other USB devices. The 11AC technology is more robust & faster than the other networking technology.

Moreover, the Fritzbox WIFi router completely offers the wireless Wi-Fi range of up to 10 home networking devices. At a glance, more than 10 networking devices easily approach wireless networking connectivity. To improve the range of the Fritzbox router, you have to configure this router. From login you have to approach the login admin panel. After approaching the login admin panel, you will be capable of configuring the Fritzbox router in an instant manner. 

Why is it important to set up the Fritzbox WiFi 11AC Router?

The Fritzbox wireless 11AC router provides a high-speed wireless range throughout your smart home. If you wish to approach the wireless range in your home networking device then you need to perform the setup. The setup of the Fritzbox router is most important to achieve the signals in your wireless and wired networking device. 

If you don’t complete the Fritzbox router setup then you will not be capable of enjoying the wireless range in your home networking device. You can easily perform the setup by using the network password & web-based interference. 

Setup the Fritzbox WiFi 11AC router with mobile phone 

If you have a mobile phone and completely need the WiFi network connectivity in the mobile phone, then you have to perform the setup. Before completing the setup of the Fritzbox, you have to decide the position of the mobile phone as well as the fritzbox router. 

Select the position 

The position of the Fritzbox 11AC router is not closer to the heating source such as direct sunlight, refrigerator, stoves, & more. Additionally, also not close the position near the metal objects. The position of your Fritz Box Wi-Fi router is in a well-ventilated area. The position where your router is placed is completely clean. To set up the mobile phone with the Fritzbox router, you have to place the mobile phone too close to the router. Otherwise, the mobile phone is not able to catch the wireless range. To successfully set up the router with a mobile phone, the position is in the same room. 

Setup the Fritzbox 11AC Wi-Fi router with mobile phone

After selecting the position, you have to pick a cable. Then, you have to verify the phone analog on the Fritzbox router. This analog is placed on the backside of this router. Now, you have to attach the cable in the following phone’s analog of the router. On the other end, you have to attach it to your phone’s analog. In the lats, you have to switch ON the power & properly verify the connection in both devices.  

Configuration process

After completing the Fritzbox WIFi router setup with the mobile phone, you have to configure the router. To configure the router, firstly you will approach the login panel of this router. 

To approach the login panel, you have to make a Wi-Fi connection to your computer. Through the Ethernet cable and default password, you are able to establish the network connection. Just you have to launch the browser that you prefer, and mention, click the enter button. After that, you are capable of approaching the login admin panel. Through the login default username ID and password, you have to mention these details in the available login section. In the last, click the Login tab. 

After approaching the login panel of the Fritzbox router, you will be competent to reach the setup wizard. On the setup wizard, you have to pick the Telephony tab. Under this tab, you have to pick the Telephony devices option & click the Configuring New Devices section. Next, you will see the connected device status, you have to select the Telephone section & tab Next section. Now, you have to choose the FON analog that you are using & hit the Next tab. After that, you have to wait for some time. Now, the Fritzbox router is properly configured with the mobile phone.

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