How to win at beer pong every time

We believe it’s possibly the second most enjoyable game ever invented. You must know how to play beer pong. But you have to obey some tricks to win at beer pong every time. Here we’ll go over all you need to know about the amazing home-party game, which includes what you need to know about how to win at beer pong every time, the best beer pong rules and strategies, and ways to customize your experience to create any kind of ping-pong drinking game. Let’s get started.

How to win at beer pong every time

Aiming & choosing cups

There are, of course, numerous ‘experts’ who play Beer Pong, and one of them found on the internet advises that you select the cups you want to use with care. By selecting the correct cups, you can be sure that the chances of winning are much more likely. Most simply, you should focus on the cups in the front and work towards the back. When the ball hits the front ones, its momentum is more likely to propel it in more back instead of going ahead. It’s simple

The type of throw

There are three major theories on the type of throw that’s most efficient. This is because there are 3 principal types of throws. The first is the Arc (a long slow, high-speed descent into the cup) as well as the Fastball (a quick high and low throw) as well as the Bounce (you bounce the ball off the table one time and then again). My favorite is the bounce in part because when the ball strikes the table for the first time, the table absorbs a large amount of energy, which means that the ball will travel much slower in its travel and is less likely to bounce off the cups on to the floor.

Playing with the ball

There is a myriad of ways to throw the ball. You can throw it in hand as Frank Reynolds, overhand like Freddy Flint off, or you can throw it from your palm like a jock from Alpha Sigma Phi down the road. It appears to be the most commonly used (and safest) method to put this ball in between your forefinger, thumb, and middle fingers. Make a tiny hole using your larger fingers to place the ball to settle, and then use your thumb to push the ball over the table. Also, practice – obviously.

Make sure you are in your opponent’s head

This tip can be used for any sport in the real world. Psychology is an excellent method to win at beer pong everytime, and if you can tap into the mind of your opponent, you’ve already done the job. There are, obviously, many ways to accomplish this. It depends on the opponent. It’s an excellent idea to start conversations with them before (or in the middle) to understand how they’re. If you discover a useful button that you can push, continue pressing until you get a snap.

Never stop drinking

It’s also as crucial as other suggestions – don’t drink a bottle of alcohol while you play Beer Pong otherwise, you’re likely to get tense and lose it all. Drinking alcohol will make you from getting too tense, so keep your hands smooth and supple and make sure you’re confident and have the faith that you will be successful. The only issue is when you get too much, the line is a tightrope between the perfect drunk Beer Pong zone and being so drunk you cannot see the cups at the bottom at the end of your table.

Rules of beer pong

The decision of who should go first

If it’s the first night game, the first shot will be determined via “Eyes.” That’s where a player of both teams shoots the ball in a manner that keeps their eyes on their opponent throughout the shot. If both players miss or succeed, the other players shoot. This continues until one player succeeds and the other doesn’t. The hit cap isn’t removed, but the ball is removed and returned to the player who made the shot. If it’s not the first time, the team that won the previous game will shoot first. If teams are created or the team that won quits, “Eyes” is done again to determine who will go first.

Elbows and wrists rule

This is usually an unspoken policy at home gatherings (or until someone violates it). When shooting the ball, players should remain behind the table’s edge. If the wrists rule is in place, players must maintain their wrists back from the table’s edge. Infractions to this rule result in the shot not being counted. If the shot is not made and the player inflicting the fault cannot take a step back and shoot the ball. This is often the most controversial principle for Beer Pong
because it’s often difficult to tell whether the elbow or wrist does actually cross the table’s surface. Female players must follow the same rule.


Each game is played twice; the teams can request that the cups be changed at the start of the game. This is called rack re-racking, racking, or reforming. Racking could occur if you are left with cups that are 6, 4, 3, or two. If you can get back balls after completing two in a row, the rack is considered your turn, and you might not be able to rack. If the player requests it, the last cup can be pulled out and placed in the center.

General gameplay

Beer Pong is played in most cases by two teams in which the teams alternate throwing the Table tennis ball into the opposing team’s cups. After a ball has landed in the cup, the cup is removed, and the player consumes from the cup’s contents. If both teams hit cups and the balls roll back, they can shoot again. The team that can hit all cups of its opponent is the winner of the game. Because there are many different ways to play the game, it’s important to review items like racks, bouncing, and swatting before starting the game. The game’s winner is usually left on the table and is waiting for the next player to challenge. The list is typically created to track who will play next.


If a ball is struck by the table and then gets into the cup (even through accident), the cup the ball is placed in is taken away from the table, along with another player who is defending its preference. If there are just 2 cups left, the bounce will count as one cup. Therefore, it’s pretty useless to bounce in the final two cups …. unless you’re trying to appear tough, man. Some more masculine men on the market say, “Bouncing is only for snarky.” Still, we love this rule because it allows you to keep your focus on the game, thereby making things go faster.

Death cup

After a cup has been made and removed from the rack after the contents have been taken in (unless it’s a game with water), the cup that is held by a player (or regardless of whether they set drinks down) could be described as a bitch as well as a death cup. If the opponent uses the cup and the game is finished, the team who takes the bitch cup home will win. Suppose the cup remains on the table, not held in hand, and both balls fall within. In that case, it’s 3 valuable cups (2 additional cups chosen by the defending team). This is the most frequent scenario when players shoot simultaneously or if the defending team isn’t paying to the situation.

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