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Every marketer wants to get more and more traffic on your website from search engines. After research, we would come to the point where you can easily rank your letter writing service website by doing these steps that will give you the ability to practically produce first-page ranking and drives loads of free organic search traffic to your website, by writing your SEO content.

How to Write SEO Content That Ranks in 2021!

Establish Your Search Strategy

First of all, you ask yourself a question related to your online university assignment website needs and wants. You have to know that what other person is looking for when he finds your content or your keyword, what problem are they trying to solve, or what solution do they want to solve? These questions will help you step into the shoes of the researcher, and help you to avoid guessing.  

Types of Search Intent

  • Informational

Informational search queries are usually at the top of the discussion, for instance, what is SEO? How to build backlinks? That’s why you need to create educational content to satisfy the need of your audience. 

  • Comparison queries

Searcher in this stage is deeper into the funnel and they trying to figure out the solution of Level 5 cipd assignment help they want to choose. For instance Nike shoes vs. Adidas shoes 

  • Transactional

The searcher is at the bottom of the funnel and they ready to buy, for instance, “buy Nike base slippers” 

  • Navigational

In this type searcher already knows about the brand or they may be the customer of the brand earlier. For instance, when someone searches about KFC they already know about their food taste or their service as they navigate to it.

Pretty much every other keyword is fallen in one or two of these categories, so after you thought about business plan help, all you need to do is amylase the ranking results for your targeted keywords. So if the majority of the result is from blog posts then you know you need to create a blog post, as well as if the majority of the result comes from product pages then you know it will wise to rank a product page. 

Developed Your Content Strategy

The basic and most important part of a process is to develop an important and valuable content strategy. The formula is simple “create a page which is substantially different and 10x better than what’s currently ranking”. Moreover, before create any content think a thousand times what your competitor is doing to gain an audience because it’s going to make a whole process easier. 

Strength and Weakness Amylases 


Are your competitors using videos, images, or audio, and if they are not, then it’s a strategic advantage for you. Do what they aren’t doing as creating the article like writing yard is easy but it’s more challenging to create graphics with your content. 

Total Word Count

However, in many cases, a high word count is a good idea. Research and figure out about your top 5 competitors and see their average word count from every page, and then just simply double it in your content, that it should be a targeted word count. For instance, if your competitor writes 1500 hundred word pages, you should aim for a 3000-word count for your content. 

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