How Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is Faring So Far

Ukrainian servicemen take part in a military training exercise near the front line in the Donetsk region, on June 8, 2023. Ukraine’s counteroffensive is underway with Kyiv claiming it has made some territorial gains against Russia.ANATOLII STEPANOV/GETTY IMAGES

“Today, the national flag is flying over Storozhove again, and it will be the same with every settlement until we liberate all Ukrainian land,” the brigade said in a Facebook post.

Former British intelligence officer Philip Ingram told Newsweek that the reported gains by Ukraine were “encouraging,” especially given that Ukrainian forces were still in the probing and penetrating phases of their attacks.

“I still anticipate a large formation attack along the Ukrainian main effort once initial Russian defensive lines have been breached,” Ingram said. “Until then, the Ukrainians will continue to push through Russian positions, keeping them guessing as to where and when it will occur.”