How Ungligames is the App for the Fantasy Football Fans!

Ungligames has made a niche in the fantasy football segment due to the need for variations in the very stagnant fantasy sports market

Ungligames has come in with innovation, be it different promotions, offers or just straight up variations.

Why Ungligames has become the go to app for all things football!

  1. Their welcome hamper is the best in the industry with goodies such as 13 free tickets and a bonus of Rs.500 is not something any fantasy sports sites have offered before.

People are using these freebies to make some real cash and withdraw it straight into their bank accounts.

They have made tonnes of money because with a bonus like this, do you really need to deposit? So just hone your skills and get to work!

  1. There are a lot of hindrances to withdrawals from sites in general with a lot of hidden terms and conditions.

The people at Ungligames strongly believe that your money is your own and there should not be any hurdle for you to have that money whenever you want.

They offer withdrawals for amounts as low as Rs.10 and that too at a lightning fast speed so keeping money in your Ungligames account is just like holding the money in your wallet because it is accessible at any time.

  1. People generally have a lot of different applications in their phone for games like poker, rummy, call break and fantasy sports.

Real money gaming in India is at an all time high and the user engagement is through the roof. 

Ungligames provides all these games conveniently to the user under one umbrella that is the Ungligames app

This is awesome for Fantasy Football enthusiasts who are looking to play all these games in one app and that is exactly what Ungligames provides.

  1. Rank Fantasy 

This is the most analytical way to play fantasy football, traditionally in the classic mode, you just select 11 players who you think can win you the most points and assign a captain and vice captain who are given multipliers of 2x and 1.5x, accordingly you are awarded points, these points are counted at the end and whoever has the most points wins the contest.

 This causes paid positions to be shared among a lot of players because many players end up on the same number of points.

To combat this and to add a different flavour when you play fantasy league, Ungligames have innovated and added multipliers to all the 11 players you have selected. 

This is called rank fantasy, where you rank different players from 1 to 11 and they are given multipliers from 2x to 1x.

 You have to decide which player will play the best and rank accordingly.

 This adds another level of skill to play fantasy football which makes it more fun and breaks through the monotony of playing normal classic fantasy.

  1.  Fatafat Fantasy

This mode to play fantasy football is made for the people who are fed up devoting 15-20 mins to each match, researching every player, making teams, assigning captain and vice captain and finding the suitable contest to enter.

Ungligames has automated this procedure for you and has made playing fantasy football like an oreo biscuit where you skip through the biscuit and eat all the good stuff in the middle.

Take a look at the 4 teams made by our experts contemplating all the possible scenarios in a match.

If you are a fan of one team then we have options that bank heavily on one team too. 

Once you have decided, you can see the multiplier below the given team which can be anywhere from 1.5x to 10x and your wager amount gets multiplied for you to win big prizes.

This process takes about 2 minutes which is perfect for people like me who have a very short attention span.

  1. On Ungligames you can play with friends and that too for free.

Are you always the one who gets every prediction right even though it’s an arrow shot in the dark?

Do you want to win bragging rights against your friends?

Well ungligames is the place to be. 

Ungligames have got you sorted for all the major sporting events you can’t afford to miss.

You don’t need to pay any fee for a club with a capacity for 5 players which is awesome if that’s how big your friend group is, and don’t worry we have got you even if you have a 100 players because that will set you back a meagre Rs.9.

  1. Ungli Expert Promo has been a huge hit among people.

Where else do you get to play a contest where even if you are not winning, just finishing above a so-called expert is enough for you to win your entry fee back. 

All you have to do is play the Rs.100 rank fantasy, use all your skills to make a team and pray to dear god that a Ungli Expert has not got it right today. 

  1. They also have a blog which provides all the latest fantasy football news which really helps in creating awareness around the skill that goes on in the game and how by just doing a little reading or research you can dominate the top leagues.
  1. Ungligames is the only place where you can play fantasy football tension free and without any fear of colluding or security concerns because they place a lot of emphasis on FAIR GAMEPLAY.

These are the reasons why the ungligames app is the go to app for all fantasy football fans!

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