How You Say And Write Thank You – Especially In Business Life

 How You Say And Write Thank You – Especially In Business Life

The more you stand out positively when you do it. There are enough occasions in professional and private life to say thank you. The effort for this is not great, the effect is all the stronger. We give you tips and suggestions for the “little thank you” here and Buy Research Paper Online.

1. Spontaneously say thank you

The first rule for a small thank you is: Thanks and praise must be spontaneous. The direct connection with a special service must be made clear. If your boss is very economical with praise and thanks, give him a tip that he would motivate his employees with a spontaneous thank you.

2. Say thank you individually

The usual ready-made cards, on which hastily thrown “warm greetings” are offered, have little appeal. This form of maintaining contacts often seems loveless. Say thank you in normal, simple words and avoid elaborate and flimsy formulations. Briefly explain the reason for your thank you.

Don’t formulate it in general terms like “thank you for your great commitment”, but be very specific: “Thank you for organizing the event with such great commitment for us”.

3. Say thank you in a targeted and balanced manner

Small thanks for personal merits and special achievements can be used consciously to optimize and stabilize relationships. However, they must also be targeted and balanced. A thank you that you give once a week loses its appeal. Don’t let it become routine. Also make sure that your thank you goes to the right address and not to the wrong service providers.

4. Avoid going to great lengths for your little thank you

Don’t make a big presentation of your little thank you. A small note is often sufficient as a medium. The message and the timing of the thanksgiving are more important than the presentation. The material value of any additional gift that may be given is also less important than its individual character. The art of the small thank you lies in the combination of individuality and spontaneity.

Example of a little thank you

Sample text for a thank you card including thank you sayings – to a hotel where you held an event.

A heartfelt thank you, dear banquet team, for your active support during our event. We owe it to your commitment and professionalism that everything went so smoothly. We felt that we were in good hands – our guests were delighted.

Thank you and see you soon

Suzanne Beisinger

Sample text for a thank you letter

– to the trade fair set-up and dismantling team

Dear colleagues!

The trade fair came so suddenly again this year … Despite time and technical influences, you again set up the trade fair stand punctually and technically flawlessly in accordance with our quality standards.

Thank you for the unprecedented round-the-clock commitment!

Julia Kirchner

Use these examples to get in touch with your customer

Used sparingly and well dosed, words of thanks are suitable for binding your customers more firmly to your company, motivating employees and improving the business climate between you and suppliers or business partners. There are many occasions, here are a few letters of thanks to encourage you:

Thank you letter after an anniversary

Dear Ms. Sample,

You have done a great deal to make my anniversary such a wonderful experience. I would like to thank you very much for that. The lovingly selected gifts, the wonderful flowers and – above all – the many good wishes for the future, combined with honoring retrospects, made me very happy. But at the same time a little touched. I don’t even know if I deserve all these eulogies. In any case, the pleasant memory of this extraordinary day will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for celebrating with me!

It greets you kindly

thank you note for help

With your generous support,

dear Mr. Liebold,

you have helped us all out a lot. We would not have been able to realize the “Eye Laser for India” project without your quick intervention – or only at a much later point in time. For you there was no question of playing the saving angel. I would like to thank you for your help in all customs matters, for the negotiations with airlines and for the matter-of-factness with which you invested your time.

Best Regards

Letter of thanks for long-term cooperation

As the soul of the company, dear Mrs. Mangold,

we have known you for years. What would a morning be without your friendly smile at our reception? And it’s not just me and your colleagues who enjoy this daily “mood brightener”, our customers also feel almost at home with us thanks to this natural cordiality.

On the occasion of your 15th anniversary, it is high time to thank you very much. With your warmth and at the same time professionalism, you achieve something that is no longer a matter of course these days. Please stay exactly as you are – and let us spoil you on your special day.


Wording ideas for cards and short letters

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You just want to send a card with a few personal words? Or a quick thank you email?

Here are a few nice formulations with sayings of thanks – short but smart.

Thanks for flowers

The flowers are really beautiful, dear Mr. Fischer, and I was very happy about them! They are on my desk right in front of me. Every time I look up from my work I see the beautiful bouquet. Thank you very much!

Best regards

Thanks for picture/art

You have come up with something very special, dear Mr. Meyer!

I was very happy about the extraordinary picture and thank you very much for it. Maybe we’ll meet up sometime soon? It would be nice to talk shop with you again.

Best regards

Thanks for invitation

I am very pleased about the invitation to your anniversary celebration, dear Mr. Rudolph!

My partner is happy to accompany me and we are already looking forward to a successful evening and Pay For Essay.


thanks for book

You have given me great pleasure, dear Mrs. Klein!

The book suits my taste in literature perfectly. I’ll start reading this weekend.

In tension

Thanks for letter

Your letter, dear Mr. Fuchs, really made me happy!

You really encourage me with your lines and I’m feeling a little better today. Thank you for your optimistic words, I can really use them at the moment.

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