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I’ve never really vocalized about writing, as far as I know. So, this one has been highly requested. We know a lot of you are doing your IELTS and Ph.D. exams, so I have got seven top tips that are going to help you recover your writing. Lingoda is an amazing online language academy. They don’t just teach English; they also impart Spanish, German, and French. Furthermore, you can subscribe to Lingoda on a monthly package basis, and you will gain access to a combination of both group and private video lessons with real, qualified, native teachers. It’s highly relevant to this video, because you really, ideally want somebody to check through your writing. So, in your private CDR assignment help service lessons on Lingoda, you can mention that you’d like them to look at your writing, and that’s what you can focus on for that lesson. Lingoda has given all English with Lucy subscribers a special discount; you can get $50 or €50 off your first month at Lingoda. All you have to do is click on the link in the description box and apply this code at checkout. Let’s get started with the lesson. 

Keep It Simple.

So, my first tip for improving your writing is to keep it simple. Now, I know this appears noticeable, but I always mention to my students, “Simply done accurately is superior to complicate done inaccurately”. In other words, it’s better to keep things humble and do it well, rather than over-complicate the whole thing and do it badly. So, in English writing exams, you want to show off your English, but you want to show off your accurate English, not all this English that you don’t know or haven’t learned yet. Now, that leads me on to point number two. To avoid making blunders in your writing, it’s a good idea to have a group of set phrases and keywords that you can practice in that exam.

Prepare Key Phrases

So, my tip number two is preparing key phrases. Now, you do have to be cautious with this. You don’t want to prepare what you’re going to write, but you do want to have a nice selection of things that you could say if the time arises. Now, especially on the IELTS exam and I know a lot of you are studying for this but this goes for any academic writing exam, you want to have linking words and key phrases prepared. Now I’m successful to give you a list with two cases for each point. 

It doesn’t cover everything that you need to know, but if you study everything on the list, you will be much, much more prepared for your English writing exam. So, pay attention, and if there’s any point that you think, “I really could expand on that,” go and do your research and prepare yourself. You want to make sure that you have a variety of different ways to … compare: “in the same way,” “at the same time,” contrast: “on the contrary,” “however,” give examples: “for occurrence,” “to illustrate,” give your view: “From my perspective,” “from my point of view,” generalize: “overall,” “all things considered,” to prompt certainty: “undoubtedly,” “of course,” to express partial agreement: “in a way,” “to some extent,” to show cause: “owing to,” “due to,” to show effect: “for this reason,” “consequently,” to mark time: “to begin with,” “following this,” to add information: “furthermore,” “moreover,” to express condition: “unless,” “provided that,” and to conclude: “in summary,” “in short.” So that’s just a very brief list showing you exactly what you need to study to be fully equipped for any English writing assessment.

Do Not Use Contractions

Do not use contractions in every online Dissertation. Or is that don’t use contractions? So, cannot too can’t, do not to don’t, shall not shan’t, I am too I’m, these are all examples of contractions, and in your writing exams you want to avoid these. I know that you guys, really, really want to keep your word count down because you are restricted, and you want to show off as much as you perhaps can, but I’ve got lots of guidelines for dropping your word count coming up, so make sure that you do not feel curious to include contractions in your academic writing.

Reduce Your Word Count

So, tip number four, reduce your word count. Use as few words as possible, completely contradictory, because I’ve just told you that you should not use contractions. But I’ve got some really good baby tips within this big tip to support you keep your word count down and your English level up. The first one is to avoid these dead-weight words like “very,” “so,” “a lot,” “really.” I have mentioned this before in a video, but if you want to show off your English, avoid these; they’re pointless. They are empty calories in English. Replace them, instead, with a strong word. So instead of saying “really happy,” I would say, “I am elated.” Instead of saying “so scared,” I would say “terrified.” Okay? So, by using strong words and escaping these dull words, you can decrease your word count by a fair bit. Now, another way to reduce your word count but improve the quality of your writing is avoiding “there is” and “there are.” We want everything like home advisor to be as clear as possible, and sometimes “there is” and “there are” can act as fillers; they add extra words to our sentences. So, I’m going to give you an example so you can see this and bear it in mind next time you’re doing an academic piece of writing. Sentence one: there are numerous glitches that we may come upon. There are many problems that we may encounter. Sentence two: We may encounter many problems. We may encounter many problems. The first sentence has eight words. The second sentence has five words. You have reduced your word count, and you have increased the quality and the clarity of your writing. So, make sure you spread over this in your following exam.

Read the Right Documents

Number five, read the right documents. Read the right pieces of writing. I know many of you like to read in your spare time, you like to do it for fun, and a lot of you will read books in English, which is astonishing for refining you’re academic writing help spelling, and improving your terminology as well. But if you’re trying to get a decent score on an academic writing paper, you might not be reading the right kind of thing. Look at the potential pieces of writing that they’re going to ask you to do. Are they asking you to write articles, reports, and essays? Maybe they’re asking you to write all three. If they are, read all three. You need to go online or go to your library and read articles, read reports, read essays, read reviews. Do everything you can to familiarize yourselves with all the styles of writing.

Check Your Work

Number six is one that you will have heard in school so many times; but, I’ve worked as a teacher for many, many years, and I get so frustrated with silly, stupid mistakes that I know that my students know. They don’t make these errors when they’re talking, so why do they make them when they’re writing? So many times I’ve gone and I’ve prepared a lesson because I’ve seen that there were some very clear mistakes in my students’ writing. And I prepare a lesson to correct this mistake, and when I go to teach it they say, “But teacher, we already know this; this is baby stuff.” And it’s because they don’t check their work. I have a clear example of this. I used to work as a proofreader. I used to check through documents before they got sent off to publishers to make sure that they were all correct, that there were no spelling mistakes like CV writers in UK, there were no grammar mistakes, there was nothing, nothing wrong, they were all perfect. And I was amazing at doing this. I could get every single mistake. Just by observing an article from a distance, I could pick out those errors. 

However, if you follow us on our social media platform, you will see that our professionals make spelling and grammar mistakes all the time. Why? Because we don’t proofread sometimes; or don’t check writing. I am a native English narrator, and I make spelling mistakes. Granted, many of them are due to auto-correct on my phone, which I am battling with. But a lot of them are my fault. And I don’t check them, so I don’t perceive them. I know when you finish an exam, you’re like, “Ugh, I’m done; I want to move on to the next question,” but you can avoid so many point inferences just by checking through your work, so please, please, please, make it your complete priority. I think it’s much better if you write less and check more; fewer words, higher accuracy. And I know normally I promote fluency over the accuracy, but not in writing exams. In writing exams, you want perfection. Now, number seven is perhaps the most relevant and the most difficult of all, especially if you’re in really remote parts of the world.

Get Your Work Checked

Number seven is writing and gets it checked. Write and get it checked. And unfortunately, the getting it checked thing is a lot harder than it seems. You want to write as much as possible, checking it, of course. It used to irritate me when my students would come in with five essays. I was so happy that they’d done that, but then I saw that they’d made loads and loads of stupid mistakes, and I just thought, “Ugh, why didn’t you check it?”I’m just correcting the same thing over and over again.” But write as much as you can, check it, and then see if you can find somebody to correct it. Now, I’m not saying find a stranger. It’s got to be in their attention to correct it as well. I think it’s very unlikely that you’re going to find a random teacher on the internet that will be willing to check your writing for free pro connect. However, there are lots of services and pen pal sites if it’s like a mutual exchange. If you find somebody who wants to acquire your language and they can relieve you with your English, then you can do that. Or, as I mentioned, on services such as Lingoda, and you can just have a straight hour of analyzing writing that you’ve already done and already sent them. But I will say, especially to my younger viewers, really, really, really be careful when you’re contacting people online to practice your English. Make sure it’s a responsible person, because there are so many predators that want to talk to you, exclusively young girls, to “practice their English,” and it doesn’t turn out to be an English practice. It turns out to be rather quite different, so please, please, please be careful. If you’ve got the assets, and if you’ve got the time, get a proper teacher and pay them to help you, is there any way that you’re going to be guaranteed the proper skills, and the proper qualifications, and also the proper incentive? Why would a random stranger on the internet want to help you with your writing? What’s in it for them? Always think about that. Right, guys, that’s it for today’s lesson. Don’t forget to check out Lingoda. You can take benefit of this voucher code by clicking on the link in the description and applying it at checkout when acquiring your first month’s subscription. 

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