In What Ways You Should Dry Clean Your Carpet At Home [July 2023]

Certain carpet cleaning processes and steam cleaning leave a wet carpet behind. In this comprehensive guide you will come to know how dry cleaning becomes effective at your home.

Although in many instances, it is not the ideal choice especially during expecting your guests. At that time you have no time except to go with dry cleaning for instance freshness. But how you will do that is the query which we will find in this blog. So, let’s start.

What do you mean by dry cleaning?

Unlike carpet cleaning processes, dry carpet cleaning is all about using of the cleaning compounds for cleaning the carpet. Suggesting the name, it involves no to little use of moisture. In fact several approaches are there for dry cleaning the carpet. Here, in this article we will cover a wide range of dry carpet cleaning methods starting from ice method to encapsulation. 

Dry cleaning is reliably fast and it gets over in less than an hour. But numerous benefits are there along shampooing or steam washing including killing and removal of pests from the piles.

Tips to dry clean your carpet at home in easiest way

For achieving best cleaning effect, you must switch to steam cleaning post-dry washing.

Dry compound method

This carpet cleaning method is slightly moist. However it absorbs dirt from the carpet effectively and leaves behind the cleaned and fresh piece. But to make most out of the procedure, do it in the following ways:

Shop and select dry cleaning compound

The very first step involves shopping for the right cleaning compound to treat your carpet. You can select anything from formulated laundry soap, absorbent solution, solvent and dry powder. However, dry powder is high recommendable due to easy usage although others perform quite impressively.  

Vacuum your carpet

Vacuuming is essential and you have to do in such a way so that removal for foreign particles and dust becomes effective. Hence, you must ensure that you reach deep into the piles and every edge of the carpet for efficient cleaning.

Spread the substance evenly on the carpet

Go through the instructions carefully before selecting any cleaning compound. Always use the amount mentioned on the pack and spread it evenly throughout the carpet. Allow it to sit for sometime so that it can absorb dirt ingrained deep into the fibres for better results.

Be attentive to stains

Pay more attention to stained parts of the carpet. Make use of thistle brush for ensuring the removal of stains. If there is no thistle brush then you can use any soft brush for pulling out the stained compounds from the deep of the fibre piles. The cleaning compound will stick to dirt to disappear the spots completely from the carpet. 

Vacuum the carpet afterwards

At last vacuum the carpet to eliminate the residue of cleaning powder. Check the vacuum thoroughly to remove the cleaning powder residue completely. In stained areas repeat the cleaning process as you apply more powder as per the instructions.

Encapsulate the carpet to dry clean it at your home

When it comes to dry cleaning method, encapsulation is the perfect! It is much identical to that of shampooing however in a distinctive approach. It comprises of acrylic polymer (crystallised form) for delivering the effect of encapsulation to wash off the dirt from the carpet.

Other cleaning agents primarily focus on breaking down of the grease and dirt to remove them from the fibres of carpet. Here is the correct way to carry out the procedure:

Vacuum clean the surface of the carpet

Vacuum the carpet for dusting of all loose dirt and debris! Just focus on stained spots which you use frequently. For example, you must pay heed to more on the side which lies on door side rather than the one under the furniture. 

Dilute encapsulating solution

As per instruction, dilute your encapsulating solution. Make use of hot water and take right amount for avoiding the carpet damage. Pour the mixture in the spray pump. Remember the process isn’t fully dry and hence the result will slightly moist. As a result, it includes in the list of dry cleaning category.

Spray cleaning solution evenly on the carpet

Hold the nozzle near to carpet for spraying the encapsulated solution. Ensure that you spray sparingly and in uniform manner. Apply solutions for the areas with stubborn spots to blot it later. It is for dry cleaning and thus there is no water log during encapsulating. 

Give time for it to work

Now vacuum the entire carpet for removing encapsulated debris extensively. At last you will obtain a sparkling and light clean carpet. In case, it is not enough clean yet then you can add more encapsulated solution for thorough vacuuming.

Use snow method for dry cleaning it at home

Snow is efficient to use to dry clean the carpet. All you need to do is to avoid using soggy snow and opt for the drier ones. It is the easiest process you can do. Lay the carpet outside to spread dried ice all over the surface.

Now allow it to sit and freeze more. Then brush them off the surface. At last you will get the clean carpet free from dirt and dust.


No matter where you clean the carpet dry cleaning is the most appropriate method to use it right after the process. If you can do in the correct manner then there is no need of professional cleaning service. However for tough stains there is no chance to eradicate it with home cleaning. At that time you have to switch to professional carpet cleaning for effective result.

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