Intelligence – 8 Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory

Multiple intelligence represents different intellectual abilities, it refers to a theory describing the different ways a student learns fast and acquires different information in which you can use words numbers, and alphabets to the importance of social interaction. Howard Gardner says that there are multiple types of intelligence, which is going through below.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

It is basically when you think up for the intellectual intelligence and it also has a dialogue of critical thinking and making and reading graph as well as for the Thesis writing help organization. If you like to organize your stuff or you very good at organizing it then you probably have a very high level of mathematical intelligence.

Linguistic Intelligence

 If you have high verbal Linguistic you probably saying that you are good at the poem to forget it raining words. Children with this type of intelligence will easy skilled with different multiple activates such a spreading talking, telling stories and jokes, and also playing words with different games which make them more creative in their way.


Intelligence would be, like to understand other people’s emotional understanding with professional study centre, the social norm according to the personal situation. If we talk about students they are good at talking, working in teams, helping others, mediating conflicts, and meeting new people.

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence

It means we are good at handle objects skilfully and move around however you want them. It is the ability to use the whole body in the expression of ideas and feelings and the facility to transform the element. Students who show kinaesthetic intelligence are very well at dancing, acting imitating gestures or expressions, playing good level sports, and other physical activities.

Naturalistic Intelligence

This is associated with academic writing expert’s erythematic and harmonic music being able to interpret sound. If you are good at this intelligence you can probably compose or at least play an instrument. It is typical of students with an innate ability to learn different sounds which translates into a different rhythm. That intelligence may be notified of keynotes that others do not can easily memorize the song or tunes.


This is like something that how you visualize something in your mind however you can think of something in your mind. These types of intelligence show pattern that proves the students capacity to think in three dimensions. People, who developed spatial intelligence, are good at solving many difficult problem statements socially drawing painting and reading geographical maps by looking at pictures.

Intra Personal Intelligence

Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence are both different from each other. Intrapersonal is more about that how you understand CIPD assignment help yourself. Thinking about your feeling, your emotion, and what you want to achieve in the future. Its distinguish those who know themselves best and know their strength and weakness.

Naturalistic Intelligence

Environmental issues like plants and animals and other natural attributes. Students with this kind of intelligence have much more enjoyment and love their activity and enjoy doing this such as hangout, hiking, tracking, caring for the animal, and learning more about nature and the environment.

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