International Women’s Day 2021 | Inspired by women UN volunteers

As we all know women’s day is a global day, celebrating the social and economic, cultural, and political achievement of women( in a positive and organized manner. International women’s day also known as IWD for short, a labor movement to become a capstone project writing service that recognizes the annual event by the United Nations. Women all over the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes, and violence, a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equals rights and opportunities for all.  

The theme of International Women’s Day for This Year

Women are brave and courageous human beings for all time. They always participate effectively in all areas of life drives progress for everyone. Especially in this year “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid19 world.” Celebrate remarkable efforts by women and girls to celebrate a more equal future and recovery from Covid19 in a pandemic situation. Moreover, women are also at the forefront of the battle against Covid19 as a front line as a doctor, as a nurse, or even at the family representative. According to book review writing service statistics in pandemic situation task team from 87 countries found only 3.5 percent of them had gender party. We saw all the time in Covid situation when women lead we see a positive result, as some of the most positive and efficient responses we see were led by women.

Covid Child Brides

The reason for women’s day is all about women’s rights give those opportunities to learn IWFM assignment help more study more and do whatever they want in their life and peruse what profession they want independently. According to a UNICEF report released suggest, million more underage girls are at risk of being forced into child marriage Especially in a pandemic situation, parents forced their girls to marriage all around the world. A girl told BBC very sadly that “My family told me I should say no to such an offer, as the boy who wanted to marry me was a dream a wealthy family.”Adeeba wants to become a doctor, but in her hometown in South Gondar in Ethiopia, her future education is uncertain and unpredictable. Report says, around the Globe the school’s closures. The economic downturn of support service for families and children has made girls major likely to becomes wives before legal adulthood. 

Ms. Maksud told BBC the major three elements by which we may stop early child brides are “First of all-girl get back to school in the safest possible way, or give them a chance to develop skills such as learning a trade or a craft.”

This is why this year’s international women’s day is a rallying cry for generation equality to act for an equal future for all. Moreover, the most important and convenient for gender equality investment.  

UN Observance of International Women’s Day 2021

UN Women is pleased to invite all the women to the United Nation observance this year on international women s day. This theme represents an equal future in a Covid19 world on the way to generation equality forum. Act for equal’s rights, opportunities, and attention towards the upcoming generation in the future, to achieve their goals and fulfill all commitment which they deserve.

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