IVF Pregnancy | Risk and Available Treatment Options in 2022?

In Vitro Fertilization is a part of an assisted reproductive technology called as (ART). ART Technique requires retrieval of eggs from the women’s ovaries & fertilizes with the sperm. This infused combination is known as an embryo for getting IVF Pregnancy successfully. Moreover, once an embryo is developed, it is shifted into the women’s ovaries, or embryos can keep it in a cold storage laboratory for later use for IVF Pregnancy.

Depending upon the circumstance, IVF can use:

  • Your eggs & your partner’s semen 
  • Your eggs & Donor semen
  • Partner’s eggs & donor semen 
  • Donor eggs & donor sperm
  • Donated Embryos

Doctors may also place embryos in a surrogate if the couple is looking forward to pregnancy through surrogacy.

If we discuss the success rate of IVF Pregnancy, The success rate for IVF varies between 30% to 35% in India. Globally, the average success rate varies between 38% to 40% in young women. While using assistive reproductive technology for the IVF pregnancy treatment, the Success rate is measured based on the live birth rate per embryo transfer.

When You Should Rely on IVF for Pregnancy?

IVF is a technology helping so many couples facing infertility issues and want to have a healthy child. So, suppose you’re searching for a consultation with the IVF specialist regarding your pregnancy and child health. In that case, you must consult with the team of the best IVF specialist from the best IVF centre in Jaipur for getting the most exact information and guidance for IVF. However, IVF is an expensive and invasive treatment. So, first, couples try to get treated well with other treatment options available for fertility. Other procedures involve consuming fertility medications or having intrauterine insemination for treatment. Doctors transfer semen directly into the women’s uterus. 

Some Infertility Problems Only IVF Can Treat-

  • Women with reduced fertility after the age of 40.
  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes.
  • When ovarian functions are not working properly.
  • When women are facing endometriosis.
  • Issue of Unexplained Infertility.

Some couples having any serious genetic disorders choose IVF as a treatment option because parents don’t want to transfer the genetic disorders to their children. First, doctors will lookout the embryos in a medical lab to find genetic disorders. Then, A doctor will shift a passed embryo without any defect. 

How To Prepare for IVF Treatment

When a couple is ready for the IVF procedure, Firstly, Women will go through the ovarian reserve testing phase. In this Phase, a doctor will take a blood test to test the levels of follicle-stimulating hormones(FSH). After the test, your doctor will know the details of the size & quality of women’s eggs.

After That, your doctor will also check the uterus by doing an ultrasound, to visualize the image of the uterus. Your doctor may also insert a medical device with a scope through the reproductive system to know the health condition of your uterus. And it will help your doctor find the best way to implement the embryos inside the body.

Secondly, men will also need to go for sperm testing. By testing, doctors will know the exact quality of men’s sperm. Also, doctors will rectify the bad quality, weak or damaged sperm affecting fertility and will be separated off before the fusion.  

Choosing the IVF treatment for themselves is a personal choice of a person, and it’s their own decision. There are various factors to consider such as – 

  • What do you feel about having possibilities of twins, triplets or multiple pregnancies?
  •  What will you do with left embryos after the procedure completes?
  • How many embryos do you want to get transferred, considering a higher number of transfers leads to higher chances of multiple pregnancies?
  • What’s your take on the legalities and emotional concerns with the use of donor eggs & embryos or a surrogacy method?
  • Are you ready to take the financial and emotional stress related to IVF?

How In Vitro fertilization Treatment Works? 

IVF treatment involves 5 steps procedure

Stimulation Process 

Normally, A woman’s body only produces one egg during her menstrual cycle. However, IVF treatment requires multiple eggs for the fertilization procedure because it increases the chances of developing usable embryos. Therefore, doctors will give you fertility medications to increase the number of eggs inside your body. During this phase, the doctor will monitor the production of your eggs and when eggs are ready for the retrieval process.

Egg Retrieval Process

Egg retrieval is a surgical procedure done with giving anaesthesia to you. Your doctor will do an ultrasound of your uterus, and then he will place a needle through your vagina and guide it with the help of ultrasound into your egg-containing follicle. Then, with the help of a needle, the doctor will collect all the eggs and fluid out of every follicle.


Now it’s turn for your male partner to give a semen sample. A doctor will infuse the sperm with eggs in a petri dish inside a dedicated laboratory. If embryos are not produced within some days, your doctor might suggest you go for an ICSI injection.

Embryo Culture

Your doctor will monitor the fertilization procedure of eggs to ensure the correct development of embryos. After That, embryos will go through testing for genetic conditions at present.

Transfer Procedure 

When embryos are fully ready, then the transfer process starts. This transfer procedure happens after 3 to 5 days of fertilization. Implantation involves a thin medical tube called a catheter placed into the women’s vagina. Then, the doctor will place the embryos into the women’s uterus through a medical device.  

IVF Pregnancy occurs after the embryos implanted themselves into the uterine wall. The procedure can take up to 6-10 days after shifting embryos. Then, a doctor will take a blood test to know if you’re pregnant or not. 

What Are the Risks with In Vitro Fertilization?

Like any medical procedure, IVF pregnancy also had side effects and the complications such as – 

  • The risk of multiple pregnancies increases the chances of the premature birth of a child.
  • There are also chances of miscarriages (pregnancy failure)
  • Chances of ectopic pregnancy 
  • (OHSS) ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Damage or infection to the bladder 


Deciding to undergo In Vitro fertilization and how it will be on the first try is an incredibly complicated decision for any individual couple. Various factors include the physical, financial, and emotional stress of the procedure, making it more difficult for a person. The best advice is to get in touch with the fertility expert and talk with them without hesitation to find out the best possible way for yourself and your family.

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