Jazz Up your Product Packaging with Custom Boxes

When it comes to the most effective branding and marketing of a business, customization appears at the top. Customers are smart these days and the only thing that gets them is customization. As the first impression of customers with a brand is its packaging, packaging needs to be appealing to grasp the ultimate attention of customers.

In this fast-paced era, it has become extremely difficult for businesses to stand out. Similarly, customers have tons of brands to choose from. Custom boxes are the only suitable way for businesses to make an impact on customers and for customers to buy from a brand.

However, with the increased awareness of the importance of custom packaging in businesses, it has become challenging for them to choose the most suitable option. This article scoops down a list of custom packaging options that you can choose from as per your needs to enjoy its perks.

Auto-Lock Boxes

With a tuck flap at the bottom and auto-locking on the top, auto-lock boxes are perfect to keep the products safe. Auto-lock boxes are trending these days because of the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness they provide. These boxes are versatile and are used by many prominent industries like cosmetics, electronics, food, shoes, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Chipboard Boxes

The most common packaging option these days is chipboard. Because of its lightweight nature and low cost, businesses all across the globe are using it to pack their products. Chipboard boxes are easy to assemble and print on. Moreover, chipboard is sustainable. It does not harm the environment and is reusable. The most common user of chipboard packaging is beauty and food businesses.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes represent luxury and customers love luxury. Rigid boxes are made up of high-quality material that protects the product inside it thoroughly. Many retailers use rigid boxes to showcase their products in stores. Items like watches, smartphones, jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, gifts are mostly packed in rigid boxes by luxury brands.

Corrugated Boxes

If you want to have cost-effective yet strong custom boxes for your brand, corrugated boxes are your best option. Corrugated boxes are the most prominent choice for packaging of retailers for all the right reasons. They are rigid, light-weight, eco-friendly, reusable, customizable, and easily printable. Printed corrugated boxes are being used in many industries like food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, logistics, etc. these days.

Kraft Card Boxes

Kraft packaging is becoming more and more common with the passage of time because of its vast benefits. Kraft card boxes are durable and economical. Box manufacturers make kraft card boxes in several shapes and sizes. Based on the product you want to pack or showcase; you can opt for any size kraft box.

Dispenser Boxes

Dispenser boxes are trending these days. Custom printed dispenser boxes sitting on the shelf of a retail store or supermarket plays a huge role in maximizing the reach of both the product and the business. Unique features and appealing colors are the tools to drive people to the dispenser boxes. Candies, coffee, tea bags, lip glosses, sample sachets, face masks, etc. are the most common items being put in dispenser boxes.

Display Boxes

If you want people to notice your product, there’s nothing better than display boxes. Custom boxes displaying the aesthetic of the product are a free marketing opportunity for businesses. Items placed in display boxes with eye-catching printing can easily make a brand stand out in a crowd. The visibility of the display boxes is directly proportional to the attention of customers consequently increasing a business’s revenue. The most common use of display boxes is in food and beauty products.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are on the rise these days. Whether you want to pack a product to place it in the store or to ship it, folding cartons are always a good choice. Custom printing on the folding cartons enhances the visibility of both the product and business. The most common use of folding cartons is in the food industry. From cereals to juices, almost every food item in our homes comes in folding cartons.

Gable Boxes

Customers prefer versatility and creativity, and gable boxes surely offer both. The unique shape of gable boxes makes customers feel good about the brand that offers them. Gable boxes are slowly becoming the choice of every retailer. These boxes are made of cost-effective, recyclable material that is adding meaning to their increasing use. The fast-food industry is the most prominent user of gable boxes these days.

One Piece Mailer Boxes

Nothing screams uniqueness and safety more than one-piece mailer boxes. The versatility of one-piece mailer boxes is simply mesmerizing. The touch of personalization in mailer boxes is an effective opportunity for brands to increase brand awareness and build an identity. One-piece mailer boxes are cost-effective and occupy less space resulting in smooth product showcase and shipping.

Window Cut-Out Boxes

Showcasing the products while keeping them safe and packed is what window cut-out boxes are all about. If you want to display your product to users with limited access to it, window cut-out boxes are the perfect option. These boxes add a visual aesthetic to the product hence allowing customers to get attracted towards the product inside. Window cut-out boxes are easy to assemble and manage and are the best for luxury products and gifts.

custom boxes

Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes directly refer to appealing and innovative custom packaging. Items packed in small boxes with funky shapes and outlooks have always been customers’ favorites. The demand for pillow boxes in cosmetic and jewelry products is on the rise these days. Pillow boxes placed on the shelf of a retail store or delivered to customers on their doorstep are equally gaining fame. These boxes are convenient to use, save material and money, and are easily customizable.

The Bottom Line

The ever-expanding business industry is all about customization these days. Custom packaging is the driving force behind purchasing decisions of customers without a doubt. Every business that wishes to enjoy a stable satisfied customer base must invest in uniquely designed custom boxes.

If you want to have an out-of-the-box packaging option done to perfection for your business, Moo Printing is here for you. Our team of specialists gives ultimate importance to design and printing details for you to enjoy the most effective packaging.

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