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Jet Fuel Price Per Gallon

Enter the amount of gallons used per year

To calculate how much money you will save with each gallon of jet fuel, enter the number of gallons you use per year into the “How Many Gallons Used Per Year” box. Then click “Calculate Savings.”

Select the type of fuel (jet or diesel)

If you plan to travel by air often, you might consider switching to jet fuel. It costs less than regular gasoline and has fewer harmful emissions. However, jet fuel does cost more than regular gas. You can find out how much you would save by entering the number of gallons used per year into the ‘How Many Gallons Used’ box. Click ‘Calculate Savings’ to see how much you will save.

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Choose the location where you live

Enter the city name and state/province to calculate the average price of jet fuel in dollars per gallon.

Click “Calculate” to get an estimate of how much it costs to fill up your tank

You can also enter the number of gallons needed to fill your tank to see how much it will cost to fill up your car.

Enter the amount of gallons you need

To calculate the price per gallon, simply enter the number of gallons you need into the box below. If you need more than one gallon, just add them together.


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