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Karan Mehra LASHES OUT at Rajeev Sen for saying ‘he and Charu Asopa are romantically involved’ – Exclusive


Karan Mehra is in Delhi, he says, and has fallen off the chair several times since morning after reading the news that he is in a romantic relationship with Charu Asopa who’s fighting an ugly battle with her husband Rajeev Sen, who’s Sushmita Sen‘s brother. Rajeev has accused Charu for the same, in a recent interview.

After his bad fallout with his wife Nisha Rawal, speaking exclusively to ETimes TV a few minutes ago, Karan said that he has been dragged into the Charu Asopa-Rajeev Sen marital discord. “What romance is Rajeev talking about? I had spoken to Charu for a while at a promotional event in June. After that we never connected until today.”

What was the connection today? Revealed Karan, “She has sent me messages of apology saying that she’s sorry that I have to bear all this nonsense.”

Rajeev Sen takes a dig at estranged wife Charu Asopa, says ‘There should be lie detector test as humans may lie, machines won’t’

Karan is frank to say that yes, Charu and he spoke about their problems in their respective marriages that they have been having- when they met at the promotion event four months ago. “That was natural, people ask such things to each other, don’t they, if the news has been out in public domain?”

“Prior to the event in question, I had met Charu about 10 years ago. “I have shifted to Delhi after the whole Nisha Rawal episode and Rajeev Sen accuses me like this. Just terrible.” Why doesn’t Karan Mehra pick up the phone and talk to Rajeev Sen, today? “I don’t have his number and don’t wish to. I would rather file a defamation suit against him,” Karan concluded.


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