Kerala govt to ask President to recall governor Arif Mohammed Khan and remove him from chancellorship of Universities, says CM Pinarayi Vijayan | Kozhikode News


By Govinda Prabhakaran
PALAKKAD: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan who came down heavily against governor Arif Mohammed Khan for his direction to nine vice chancellors to resign described his orders as “unconstitutional, undemocratic and against natural justice.”

Addressing a press conference in Palakkad on Monday he said that the governor is assuming power which he is not having. He is taking undue advantage of his office to indulge in matters that do not concern him.
The CM also questioned the urgency and the enthusiasm with which the governor had dispatched this latest attack against the CPM-led government, flaying it for the slow ruin of education in the state.
The Kerala CM asserted that “It is very clear that the governor is acting at the behest of BJP and the RSS to create a constitutional crisis in the state.”
Citing an October 21 Supreme Court order that annulled the appointment of MS Rajashree as the vice-chancellor of the Technological University for violating UGC norms, the governor on Sunday ordered vice-chancellors of nine other varsities in the state to resign on Monday before 11.30am pointing out that the process of their appointments too was dubious. He had been maintaining that the CPM government was needlessly intervening in the matters of varsities to appoint close associates of its ministers or their aides, especially as professors and vice-chancellors
The CM said that “the governor is responsible if UGC norms are flouted because he had appointed them as vice chancellors.”
But the Governor had said that “The people who now hold these posts are incapable of discharging their duties. The whole education system in Kerala is therefore in shambles. This is why many students in Kerala seek education outside the state.”
In reply to it the CM said that the apex court’s order could not be used as a blanket verdict over the other varsities in the state.
“Anyone with common sense can understand that a court’s verdict applies to that particular case – Technological University. It cannot be used to curtail the functioning of other universities,” the CM said.
In reply to a question whether the government will request the President of India to recall the governor as he is not allowing a democratically elected government to function the chief minister said: “if needed the government will go for such options. The Government will also consider removing him from the Chancellorship of Universities.”.


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