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khargone: Families of brides shun ‘violence-prone’ Khargone | Bhopal News


KHARGONE: Wedding bells have fallen silent in riot-scarred Khargone. Even engagements are being cancelled because the brides’ families do not want them to move into a ‘violence-prone’ area. Change your locality or break off the engagement — this is the clear message to bridegrooms from would-be in-laws as word of the violence spreads across the country.
Shekhar Patil, an electrician who lived in Sanjay Nagar, has moved into a rented house in Motipura after his home was damaged in the arson on April 10. Shekhar was engaged to a woman from Segaon area of Khargone district, but now his would-be in-laws are worried. Seeing the “atmosphere”, they have decided to break off the engagement. “Shekhar was told to move to another locality so that he can salvage the relationship,” said a relative.
Curfew might now be relaxed in Khargone, but the fallout of the communal violence has forced many to think twice about whether they wish to continue living in riot-hit localities.
Rahul Kumawat, a vegetable vendor who lives in Sanjay Nagar, said that his and his sister Nandini’s weddings are scheduled in a mass marriage programme on May 3, and they hope it will go through. Rahul has promised his in-laws that he will move to another locality after marriage.
The wedding of the sister of 16-year-old Shivam Shukla, who was critically injured in the riots, has been postponed indefinitely.
Hotels, marriage bands and caterers, who had bare-ly recovered from the Covid-19 setback, are reeling from the spate of cancellations and postponements. Their hopes of a business boom during this wedding season when Covid numbers are low seem to be fading.


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