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Latest E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

An eCommerce app has come into the limelight after the covid pandemic. The demand for Magento-based eCommerce applications has reached sky-high. Many of them hire Magento development companies to develop eCommerce applications

Due to the increase in the use of eCommerce applications the trends have also increased to some extent. As a result, everyday offline retailers are looking forward to bringing their business online and competing with the other online companies. 

Let’s have a look at the trends of 2022

AR-enabled shopping

Augmented Reality has changed the whole shopping experience. AR helps users see the actual products they want to shop for and even try the products themselves. 

Not just in the fashion industry but AR can also be used in home decor so that people can get a better look and feel for the item without observing it in person. Hire a Magento developer to develop an AR-enabled shopping app. 

Voice search

Not everyone owns voice assistants, but they also rely on them by voice assistants enabled on the phone for performing daily tasks. It is predicted that almost every house will have voice assistants in upcoming years. 

As the demand for smart speakers increases, more customers will use voice search technology for shopping online or ordering food. In addition, the voice search will allow eCommerce businesses in keywords and content.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML make it possible for customers to have automated personalized shopping experiences. Artificial Intelligence is frequently gathering data on user behavior towards shopping. They observe what the customers choose while shopping and what services they look for. 

People can act differently in person and online shopping because they won’t look and feel for the products they want to purchase. 

Big data

Many customers know that eCommerce collects the user’s details, which can be risky. As a result, developers have mixed thoughts about big data and benefit from the personalized experience. 

As the expert developers will continue to grow and bring more services, personalization will expand on the path of the Internet of Things. Additionally, for observing options on search engines or shopping platforms, we can also watch them on our thermosets or doorbells. 


Chatbots will interact with online customers similar to how a store associate would interact. Recently, online buyers want to shop for the products with a few simple clicks, and if not possible, they will get irritated. Here, chatbots can interact with your customers and guide them through shopping smoothly. 

Chatbots will become more intuitive in the future, and personal shopping chatbots will become more frequent by using previous data to suggest a new product you will like. 

Mobile shopping

Mobile shopping will enable customers to purchase from anywhere, which has been imperative in recent times. Furthermore, if your eCommerce application is not responsive for mobile or web apps, you can fail to have ample opportunities. The buyers who are shopping from their mobile devices will need to shop conveniently and expect to pay for the products digitally. 

Ways to pay 

Individual customers have various requirements for payment. If they don’t find the appropriate payment method, they can even cancel the purchase. Offering a wide range of variety for payment is an excellent way to improve the conversion rate on mobile devices. Additionally, if a customer can save information on your application, it will be easy for them to purchase again from your application. 


So, as we can observe, many innovative eCommerce trends have occurred. People and technologies constantly evolve based on people’s latest trends and requirements. As eCommerce is bringing all into one, we will observe it in the future. 

You can contact a Magento development services provider who can help you develop your eCommerce application with the latest trends. The trends mentioned above are the latest, and you can add such trends in your eCommerce application. 

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