Madilyn Grace Smith Wiki, Net worth 2023, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Kids, Education, Bio

In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Madilyn’s life, including her birth name, profession, nationality, ethnicity, and birth city. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey to discover more about Madilyn Grace Smith!

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Birth Name

Madilyn Grace Smith was born on November 12, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia. She was given the same name at birth, and it perfectly reflects the elegance and charm she possesses. Madilyn’s birth name serves as a unique identifier that distinguishes her from others in the industry.


As a celebrity child, Madilyn Grace Smith is gradually making her mark in the entertainment industry. Although she is still at a young age, her talent and potential are undeniable. With her charming personality and natural charisma, it’s clear that Madilyn has inherited her parents’ artistic genes.

Father Profession

Madilyn Grace Smith’s father, Ne-Yo, is a renowned singer-songwriter in the music industry. With his soulful voice and impressive songwriting skills, Ne-Yo has achieved great success and recognition throughout his career. He has released numerous hit songs, collaborated with esteemed artists, and garnered accolades, including Grammy Awards. As a prominent figure in the music world, Ne-Yo has undoubtedly played a significant role in inspiring and influencing Madilyn’s artistic journey.

Mother Name

Madilyn’s mother’s name is Monyetta Shaw. Monyetta has made her mark in the entertainment industry as an accomplished actress. She has showcased her acting skills in various films and television shows, earning critical acclaim for her performances. Monyetta’s talent and dedication have established her as a respected figure in the acting community.

Mother Profession

As mentioned earlier, Madilyn Grace Smith’s mother, Monyetta Shaw, is an accomplished actress. Her passion for acting and commitment to her craft have propelled her career to new heights. Through her versatility and ability to portray diverse characters, Monyetta has captivated audiences and earned recognition within the entertainment industry.


Madilyn Grace Smith has siblings who are an integral part of her life. Her siblings include Mason Evan Smith, Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr., and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. Being part of a close-knit family allows Madilyn to share cherished moments, support one another’s endeavors, and create lasting memories together.


Madilyn Grace Smith holds American nationality, as she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, which is located in the United States. Being an American citizen provides her with various opportunities to explore her talents within the country’s vibrant entertainment scene.


Madilyn Grace Smith’s ethnicity is African-American. Her diverse heritage adds depth and richness to her cultural identity, inspiring her to embrace her roots and contribute to the representation and empowerment of African-Americans in the entertainment industry.

Birth City

Madilyn Grace Smith’s birth city is Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a vibrant and culturally diverse city known for its thriving music and film industry. Growing up in this dynamic environment, Madilyn has been exposed to a multitude of artistic influences that have undoubtedly shaped her creative journey.

Gender Identity

Madilyn Grace Smith identifies as female. She embraces her feminine identity and uses her unique perspective to contribute to the creative landscape. Madilyn’s gender identity is an essential aspect of her individuality, shaping her experiences and influencing her artistic expression.

Sexual Orientation

Madilyn Grace Smith identifies as straight, indicating her romantic and emotional attraction to individuals of the opposite gender. While sexual orientation is a personal aspect of one’s identity, Madilyn’s openness about her sexual orientation reflects her desire to lead an authentic life and establish meaningful connections with others.


Born on November 12, 2010, Madilyn Grace Smith falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Individuals born under the Scorpio sign are known for their determination, passion, and intensity. These characteristics may manifest in Madilyn’s approach to her career and creative endeavors, fueling her drive to excel and make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

Marital Status

As of the time of writing this article, Madilyn Grace Smith is single. At her young age, focusing on personal growth, education, and nurturing her talents is a priority. While her relationship status may change in the future, Madilyn’s dedication to her craft remains steadfast, positioning her for a successful and fulfilling career.


In conclusion, Madilyn Grace Smith’s life is shaped by various factors, including her father’s profession, her mother’s name and profession, her gender identity, sexual orientation, horoscope, marital status, and siblings. These elements contribute to her unique identity and serve as sources of inspiration and support as she navigates her journey in the entertainment industry. Madilyn’s talent, passion, and determination position her for a promising future, where she can leave a lasting impact on the world stage.