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The significance of a logo design for a brand has levitated to another level after the evolution of the digital world. Now logos are not just limited to printed media, they play an active role in digital marketing as well. From websites to social media profiles and digital ads, logos mark your brand identity on all platforms.Just like everything, logo designs too have gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. Many of the elements that made a logo stand out before are being eliminated to make them work best for the modern world. If you think your logo is missing out on the wow factory or it is struggling to portray the best version of your brand, our guide will help you opt for the optimum solution.

What makes a logo “Modern”?

Modern logos consist of the following elements and it is up to you which ones you want to incorporate in your logo design:

  1. Minimalism
  2. San serif fonts
  3. Gradients
  4. White space
  5. Geometric shapes
  6. Responsiveness

Let’s have a look at how you can use each of them to craft the best contemporary logo for your brand

  1. Minimalism: modern logos are all about simplicity. Logos now tend to have lesser designs, colours and text. It is also a time to say goodbye to 3D logo designs because fatter logos are in high demand. That is because they are much simpler, clear and easily memorable. This is why many well known companies have redesigned their logos to 2D ones. For example HBO, Microsoft, Mercedes, etc.

  1. San serif fonts: when it comes to a logo design that contains the full name of a brand, typography plays a huge role. Unlike the previously popular, Serif font type, modern logos consist of San serif fonts such as Helvetica and Futura. These fonts are more eye-catching and clearly readable on both printed documents (letterheads, business cards, etc.) and on the screen as well.

  1. Gradients: Gradients are one of the best color trends to bounce back after being flattened by flat material design trends and the newer versions of gradients have been bright, bold into the design. They are anything but boring. This trend is carrying over to logo design as well. The modern take on gradients is to make them obvious. (There aren’t some of the skeuomorphic hints of graduated color from the past.) One of the most popular logos consisting of gradients is Mozilla Firefox.

  1. White space: Using white spaces effectively in a logo can highlight its key features, producing a more engaging design. Take the most famous IBM logo for example. See how it has white spaces in a form of stripes that in a way suggests “speed”.

  1. Geometric shapes: The best way to create a modern abstract type is to infuse geometrical shapes into your logos. 

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