MORE FROM LESS: 7 Advantages of Handle-Free Kitchen Cabinets at Home

Kitchens are most functional when there is an ample storage space for all your belongings related to cooking, baking, cleaning and more. Similarly, it is important that these areas are efficient and appropriate, making every homeowner productively use the kitchen anytime. Shelves, racks, drawers and cabinets are the standard storage spaces there, but they can perform even greater than they already can. How? If you choose their handleless versions! In this piece, let’s specifically talk about handle-free kitchen cabinets. 

What do they look like? Exactly what you’re imagining. They are the regular cabinets, but they don’t have handles, like bars, pulls or knobs. Instead, installed in them are push latches, hidden pulls or integrated handles, known as those that only appear as spaces where you can place your hands to pull the cabinet. Although some people think that they are not popular, handle-free kitchen cabinets actually are. In fact, they have become more sought-after in the market recently.      

Yes, they have become one of the most famous kitchen features for so many reasons, particularly for the rewards that they offer and provide homeowners. Find out the good they give. Here are 7 advantages of handle-free kitchen cabinets at home! 

1 – Less tendency of bumping yourself onto handles and knobs

handle-free kitchen cabinets

Getting small bruises and scratches after accidentally hitting your legs onto corners of tables, chairs and countertops is a common happening in the kitchen. Similarly, bumping onto handles and knobs of base cabinets are the culprits for bruises you suddenly notice but don’t know the origin of. Some portions of your clothing even get stuck and pulled by these too, leading to their ruin.

With handle-free kitchen cabinets, the tendency of experiencing these mini mishaps is lessened and actually erased. There are no humps and grips that might catch you and your shorts while you pass by.   

2 – Less maintenance caused by broken handles

dining and kitchen

As many know or do not know, one of the common damages that kitchen cabinets of whatever kind, brand and material are broken or malfunctioning handles. That is the result of wear and tear, always getting wet by wet hands, frequent usage, and harsh opening and closing of the cabinets. 

Impressively, handle-free kitchen cabinets require less maintenance compared to those with handgrips since there are no handles that might get faulty over time. There’s no need for users to do a lot to open them, so there’s less chances to unintentionally fracture them. 

3 – Being able to open cabinets wherever you hold them

handle-free kitchen cabinets

Handle-free cabinets are easy and convenient to use. You can open them wherever you hold them since there are no designated knobs or pulls to hold. That means in whatever angle you stand around your cabinet, you will be able to open and close it comfortably. Not a recommendation, but just in case the need arises, you may also open handle-free cabinets using your foot or knee.  

4 – Operational with an effortless touch or push opening method


In addition to the previously mentioned accessibility of handle-free kitchen cabinets, the manner of opening and closing them is also incredible. They are operational with an effortless touch or push opening method. No need to exert so much power into pulling or pushing the cabinet doors because their lock systems have been designed for handiness and ease of use. They are ideal for people with hand injuries or mobility issues.  

5 – Smooth kitchen design

handle-free kitchen cabinets

Probably the next thing that you will notice about handle-free kitchen cabinets after you see that they have zero handles is that they give your home a smooth kitchen design. Talk to your interior designers and new home builders, and they know that the streamlined visual appearance of handle-free kitchen cabinets cannot be topped. The design is very neat, clear and minimalist. If you have a lot of appliances, apparatuses and more stored in the kitchen, then your cabinets can adjust with a handle-free design.   

6 – Safer for children roaming around the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas at home where kids should not enter or stay in, especially without adult supervision. Tiny tots are prone to kitchen disasters caused by their playfulness, by curiosity or by unforeseen accidents. 

Handle-free kitchen cabinets reduce the worry for parents and family members with little kids at home. They are safer for children roaming around the kitchen while someone is cooking or while the family is having lunch or dinner. 

With handle-free kitchen cabinets, kids will not bump into knobs and bars. Naughty kids will not get in trouble for breaking handles as well. 

7 – Space efficiency with a more productive flow of kitchen work

handle-free kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is inevitably the busiest room in the house everyday. Regardless of whether there are special occasions or not, it’s being used day by day. That is simply because you prepare, cook and eat food daily. 

When the kitchen is small or congested, handle-free kitchen cabinets can give you a sense of relief because they reduce the possible obstructions in the room. You get to enjoy space efficiency with a more productive flow of kitchen work. You can freely and pleasantly move around while you cook food and while people are coming in and out of the kitchen. 



Without a doubt, handles are important and serviceable. They are the main components of kitchen cabinets, and they certainly don’t fail to do their purpose. However, if you’re wishing to have a storage space that’s safer, more convenient and visually aesthetic in various ways, consider handle-free kitchen cabinets! Not only the handle is eliminated but also some hassles that are actually avoidable. Happily go handle-free!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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