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Navy monitoring movement of Chinese research vessel in Indian Ocean region, say defence sources | India News


NEW DELHI: The Navy is closely monitoring the movement of a Chinese research vessel from the instance it entered the Indian Ocean region, defence sources said on Friday. The development comes just days ahead of a planned missile test by India.
In August, a similar high-tech Chinese ship — a ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship called ‘Yuan Wang 5′ — had docked in the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota for six days.

The movement of the latest vessel in the Indian Ocean region comes at a time when India is believed to have issued a Notice to Airmen, announcing its intention to conduct a missile test. The missile may be fired from Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha between November 10-11.
A report said China may be using the latest ship to track the missile test and obtain vital information about its capabilities like trajectory, speed, range and accuracy.
New Delhi is suspicious of Beijing’s increasing presence in the Indian Ocean and influence in Sri Lanka.

India has expressed concerns to Sri Lanka for allowing refuelling of Chinese military ships from the Chinese-leased Hambantota seaport.
New Delhi had asked Sri Lanka to come up with transparent SOPs for refuelling and docking of ships and not allow Chinese military ships to dock or refuel at its ports.
(With inputs from agencies)


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