New Zero Click Google Study Shows It Only At 25%


Marcus Tober at Semrush, a respected search marketing platform, published a new zero-click study that puts zero clicks across Google on average at 25% of all searches or 26% on desktop and 17% on mobile searches. No matter how you look at it, it is well under the Sparktoro study putting zero clicks on Google at 65%.

The Semrush study said that almost 30% of people are either refining or extending their searches in some way, leaving “only 25% of searches do not result in a click” after a Google query. Here is the chart showing how people click within the Google Search results from Semrush:

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Semrush even broke it down between desktop and mobile; saying on desktop 25.6% of searches are “zero clicks” whereas on mobile zero clicks accounted for 17.3% of all searches, the company said.

The study does a deep dive on where people are clicking, how long they are spending on the page and more.

This is why I love statistics, you can really make numbers like this fit any marketing or political campaign you have. Not saying that these studies are created for it but statistics is truly fuzzy math and you can make numbers look the way you want, for a catchy headline or for whatever purposes.

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