No word from North Korea on US soldier who fled across military border

  • U.S. ‘actively engaged’ in ensuring King’s safety – envoy
  • Private faced disciplinary action, due to fly back to the U.S.
  • Sweden engaged as a diplomatic channel
  • North Korea ‘not answering’ – U.S. official

SEOUL/WASHINGTON, July 20 (Reuters) – North Korea remained silent on Thursday about a U.S. soldier who split from a tour group and made a dash across the heavily fortified border two days earlier, landing Washington in a new diplomatic quandary amid an already tense military standoff.

U.S. officials said Pyongyang has not responded to communication from the American military about the soldier, Private Travis T. King. North Korea’s state media, which in the past reported on the detention of U.S. nationals, have also not commented on the incident so far.