Nook Pod- A movable privacy solution for the modern workplace

Whether it’s your home or office, there is a time when you need some enclosed space for studies, meditation as well as to concentrate on important work. In such circumstances, either you use the existing meeting room or have to go for expansion of the space. However, if you don’t want to spend extra time or money, then a portable workspace named Nook Pod is an affordable alternative in order to utilize every bit of space efficiently. The Nook Pod is built in a way that provides incredibly adaptable with a variety of configurations available. Nook Study Pods create an intimate space as well as enhances the quietness or sense of privacy that some work spaces may not have. Either there is a meeting involves two or ten people, the pods can easily be arranged in a way that allows the space you need without losing its benefits.
Having the modular pods, a technology that is integrated into the space is modular also. If you want to find out more about the technology it can be integrated into your Nook Pod. It is fascinating to know that a Nook Pod can be placed in unused corners for working, meeting, and eating easily. There are unused corners at offices and at home. In order to fill that space, the Nook pod is perfect to make the best use of them as it works as a semi-private enclosure for a quick chat as well as long discussions with coworkers.
The Need
Nook pod makes every day spaces such as corporate events, trade shows, and conventions that are accessible to and considerate of those along with disabilities and special needs. The sensory technology specialists in order to solve this problem. While adaptable, sensory technology was built into the emotionally intelligent Nook Event Pod and the result was the world’s first Sensory Nook Pod, designed for supporting then individuals with special needs by affording them better work and life experience.
Benefits of Nook Pod.
Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod that is specifically designed to help introverts and those on the autistic spectrum in the workplace. Nook pods help everyone to improve personal well being, as well as adding efficiency and flexibility of space while creating greater engagement between people. Keep in consideration that the Nooksters benefit from increased productivity through better focus as well as experience more effective phone and Skype calls and hold more powerful small meetings.
It is fascinating to know that a Nook pod improves open workspace that hinder effective concentration, communication, and collaboration. Small meetings are real innovations and connections occur. Nook pod is an effective alternative to meeting rooms that are usually in short supply and designed for large gatherings.

Nook Pod is used in Workspace, Education, and Events.

• Tackle social distancing and density issues.
• Cultivate engagement.
• Add space flexibility .
• Lower stress levels and improve well being.
• Promote Neurodiversity.
• Increase small-meeting volume.
• Improve productivity.

Each unit of Nook pod comes with ready made components, it can accommodate 1-2 persons at a time. however, you can also stack multiple Nooks side-by-side in order to create a larger space to collaborate with more people. It also comes with lockable castors that help in moving it easily. You can easily place it against a wall in order to create a more secluded environment for phone calls, meditation as well as for some kind of focused activities. You can also use it as an intimate room for curling up with a good book or as a peaceful home office at home.
When you think of a meeting room, it is a large office space meant for large gatherings. However, space can sometimes be in short supply. It is fascinating to know that Nook pods create a space for smaller meetings where a more innovative approach is required.
Depending on how small or large the meeting needs to be, the Nook pod can be configured to suit all. If you are looking for a small meeting space that involves only one or two people, then a single unit will work perfectly. when the meeting requires more space, additional units can be combined. Nook pod is also tuned to provide shelter or protection without creating confinement.

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