One Habit That Will Change Your Life

Whenever you feel stuck, tired, burned out and just feel like there’s something wrong with your life — what do you usually do at that time? Most people are taught that whenever your productivity levels aren’t high, your only solution is to push yourself a little bit more — break the resistance, finding some solace in the hard work. But how many of us have ever actually felt better by doing so?

So you can implement so many different habits in  your life from exercising to eating healthier doing a lot of mindful activities starting your  own business reading more and even cutting some of the time you spend on your phone and while all  those habits may be nice they still ignore one of our biggest problems we all want to live life and  face productivity in a linear way the more we work the more successful we become the more hours we  put into a project the better that project will be in our minds more time and resources equal more success but here’s what we should be asking were we as humans even created built and wired like that with cyclical living there is an opportunity to flow with life instead of moving against it.

You are able to gain back control by understanding what your body and mind need and cater to those  needs instead of throwing them beneath the rug with cyclical living you look at your day  and night cycle at the month and season to understand how you relate to those changes  and what they mean to you on your productivity sometimes when you just feel like you don’t want  to work or if you feel unfocused or unmotivated it’s not necessarily a consequence of laziness  lack of discipline or procrastination sometimes you’re going through a stage in your life cycle  where your body and mind need less work to thrive your hormonal balance impacts your attention  mood and motivation drastically and we’re not only talking about your menstrual cycle but also  other hormones that are produced in a cyclical way in your body for instance turnover of serotonin  in the brain is affected by acute changes in luminosity.

Brighter days mean higher serotonin  than in darker days so it’s normal if you experience some shifts in your mood sleep patterns  energy and focus in different times of the year because indeed your body changes throughout the  year and reflects a lot of what surrounds you while it’s normal that we as a society think  about time in a linear way we tend to forget that from the periodic nature of physiological  processes such as heartbeats respiration circadian rhythms or hormonal cycles to the recurrent  automatic actions and habits of the body all life lived in a pre-reflexive  way is shaped by a cyclical structure i’m personally much more aware of these changes  now and while a couple of years ago i fought them i now prefer to flow with these changes  and to change my life accordingly with them rising with the sun for instance letting your  body use nature as a natural clock soaking up whatever natural light you can get in the morning  and also allowing yourself to unwind with sunset letting yourself rest as the sun goes down patting  yourself on the back for a job well done after a hard day of work as you prepare yourself to end  your day engaging in more physical and dynamic activities in long summer days and cuddling up  with a book for longer during the winter months eating seasonally a sustainable way of changing  your diet with lots of health advantages.

Furthermore, also respects this idea of cyclical living  encouraging you to focus on in-season fruits and vegetables preferably grown locally and with  these limitations you also find room for growth and creativity finding new ways to eat certain  foods baking pies and making jam with a produce that is available and getting all the health  benefits from encouraging a varied diet that is fresher and more high quality than out of season  produce same goes with your circadian rhythm your circadian rhythm affects eating habits body  temperature alertness as well as hormone levels it plays a vital role in regulating many activities  and is responsible for our energy levels as they rise and fall throughout the day if we learn  to use our circadian rhythm to our advantage and schedule our most crucial tasks around our  circadian rhythms we can take full advantage of the times of days that we have more energy  to increase our output and productivity levels and then of course being aware of your menstrual  cycle.

If you have one your hormones play a big role in the way you feel and they can impact  you tremendously even when you don’t notice for instance ovulation corresponds to your  highest peak of energy during the month while engaging in high impact exercises during  this stage may seem like a piece of cake right after ovulation you enter the ludial phase  and as your body prepares for a new cycle your energy drops suddenly the foods you eat in four  different stages should also vary as you’re focusing on nourishing your body as it changes  overall individual productivity is incremental each iteration of a productivity cycle allows you  to reinforce re-evaluate and rebuild your habits and tools which in turn make you more aware of  your own capabilities strengths and weaknesses this means that your downtime is productive  as well your slumps aren’t bad they’re needed in the economic cycle each peak is preceded by  a drop and a moment of expansion each subsequent drop is usually higher and each expansion  period allows for a higher peak as well all in all in productivity slums are actually  necessary to become more efficient just like in economic cycle productivity also comes in cycles.

Therefore all in all here are your key lessons for today productivity is not exponential it  reflects incremental sublinear growth productivity is cyclical and varies from  person to person a productive person is someone who maximized their output according  to the stage of the cycle they’re currently in being cyclical productivity allows everyone  to restart despite past failures as such it is important to be flexible with your time and if  you feel like you don’t have enough time to learn because you’re swamped with work finding a place  to learn that allows you to actually learn at your own pace is fundamental so if you’re interested  in science maths and technology i highly recommend taking a class on probability fundamentals the  kind of skill you’ll apply on a daily basis even if your job like mind has nothing to do with  actual science and a great place to take the course is on today’s sponsor brilliant brilliant  is an interactive learning platform that teaches about math science computer science and many other  subjects the whole concept behind brilliant is to allow you to be very hands-on so you can learn a  lot of new things without even having to memorize things or reading entire textbooks without  ever putting what you learn into practice and if you’re like oh i’m really not that much  into science you just wait because brilliant has more to it than it looks like for instance you can  learn more about making decisions problem solving resource trade-offs how to organize information  and you need literally no previous knowledge for that and that’s the beauty of brilliant they  introduce you to science concepts by showing you how it works in the world around you so you  never have to say again oh i’m terrible at math i just can’t understand how physics work or i  just don’t know why learning this is useful at all you know all these thoughts shouldn’t be a  handicap for you because you just need the right resources and the right way of learning  to start getting it.

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