Pakistan vs. Australia T20 world Cup Semi-final 2021

Yes, Thursday is the main event for cricket lovers, Pakistan and Australia will face each other in the semifinal in Dubai. History says that Australia has won 5- 50 over the world cup crown; including three in a row, and now they eyes on the t20 world cup title in their sixth attempt. But they are up against unbeaten team Pakistan who stormed into the final top teams with 5 out of 5 wins in group stages. 

Australia’s Key Player

Australia is looking towards their top-order batting led up, a man in form David Warner as well as Adam Zampa’s spin bowling to attack Pakistan in the world cup semifinal. Like whose one of their all-rounder, Maxwell said “I have seems teams go the other way and try and help wicket back to make sure they get to go to the back end”.

On The Other Side

Surprisingly Pakistan batting coach is former Australia opener “Mathew Hyden” inside the Pakistan camp. He after seeing the partnership between the skipper Babar Azam and Rizwan said that “they are the key for Pakistan and they are the independent player with their unique style but that blend and mix make for the perfect combination.”

Shoaib Akhtar

One of the best reviews Shoaib Akhtar gave, and I guess it applies for both sides which I want to add there is that,

“Forget the super 12 now just use the momentum but go into semis with a renewed focus.”

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