Pakistani Universities Struggling to Establish Online Education

With the spread of Covid-19, the educational institutions were the first ones to face complete closures in Pakistan. The sudden transition from the on-campus classes to the online was everything except for being smooth. No one in the world has ever thought of the occurrence of a pandemic.

That would affect their lives in such an abrupt manner. Considering Pakistan, the fifth top most populated country in the world. It is understood that the students in the country must have gone through a lot during the transition phase. (Adnan, M. et al) 

However, it has been witnessed that students and the educators, and higher education authorities were in the wrong shape. The COVId-19 time made the university students opt to Buy dissertations online through various platforms. Because the existing difficulties of the transition phase were already too much to add. On the extra stress of lengthy assignments. 

Let’s dive into the hefty journey from on-campus to online classes.

Additional burden

Since the closure of educational institutions, the students have been overburdened with work. For instance, if a student, when studying at the campus, utilizes the computer lab. And library for his research work and projects, and the other similar academic resources present at the university. So shifting to an online platform will make him lose too much. He will no longer be able to use the provided resources at the campus. The absence of study resources will pile up his work. And make it more challenging to cope with the semester assignments.

Shifting online, the educators also increased the number of assignments and quizzes to cover the distance learning losses. The increase in assignments and quizzes has troubled the students’ lives as they are already making it slower in adapting the online working strategies. Even in many cases, when students are working on their OBU rap report, it is pretty difficult for them to manage the time for extra tasks as well. Huge credit goes to the Obu rap report writing services that exist to help the students with such complex tasks, but there is a lot more left for the students to go ahead with.

Whereas, still giving students mental and financial strain makes their parents uncomfortable with the online platforms.

Connectivity and safety Issues

With the increase in the use of online platforms, the central issue faced by students and teachers is poor internet connectivity. In many regions of Pakistan, there are too many issues with internet access. The connectivity is not listed over the internet thing, but the issue that students face is; that they have limited access to their teachers. In many cases, this is being observed that most students, right after the end of the lecture, go along with the professor/teacher to get their queries solved privately; meanwhile, the online classes do not let this happen, as teachers are also fully occupied with dozens of tasks at their end.

Coming towards safety issues, Pakistan is having an increased number of cases of cybercrimes, so the need for cyber security is raised. Students are always doubting about the cyber security networks on their online platforms. The information provided by students is very confidential. It should remain confidential, which is quite tricky in cyber-crimes, so this is the safety issue that students are having more often.

Concerns when Conducting Assessments  

As online learning is being practiced with COVID-19, teachers have started having trust issues with students. As online platforms cannot monitor the cheating factor during the assessment. (Mirza, H. S. (2021). Teachers fail to keep an eye on their students. However, the educators are trying all their possible ways to get help with this problem as well, such as;

  • The teachers ask the students to keep their camera’s on during their assessment but still have doubts about their work
  • Ask students to give a prompt answer but still do not consider it an honest answer.

Whereas, these ineffective strategies are also lowering the dignity and confidence of many students out there, even those who are sincere with their work. Though e teachers must have complete trust in their students, these online platforms are making the bond between a student and a teacher weak.

Low Attendance

Due to connectivity, fewer resources, and many more reasons, a noticeable number of students cannot attend the classes. (Noor, al) The back-to-back absentees of students make them miss out the vital topic and lectures that also play a crucial role in their academic learning. Though, it is OK to say that the online platforms have given more chances to students for not maintaining their attendance.

Online cases never boost up the energy levels, though these online classes are just decreasing and losing up the interest of students in their studies. The primary role in marinating the student’s interest and boosting p their motivational level depends entirely on the teacher’s teaching technique. More time on creative activities and quick breathers might help the students stay focused on their work and will fill in favor of making the students get used to it. Once the habit is made, no power can stop you from showing up t the online classes with punctuality.


Taking a view of the challenges faced by the university of Pakistan and its candidates gives a rough idea that the education sector had faced a significant loss during the COVID19 times. Though the Covid-19 is still not over yet. So the government should consider drafting a plan to make the online strategies work.

No state can ever be wholly established and developed with a higher illiteracy ratio. So think on a larger scale to prevent the education sector of Pakistan from drowning away. Government should not only focus on creating ease for the students but all the entities involved in the educational sector should be given their best solutions to deal with the e-learning platform and ways to make the best of intelligent education strategies and methodologies.

Act now and save the state!


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