Pass the Google Ads certification on SkillShop

Pass the Google Ads Certification on Skill Shop

There was a time when Adwords certification was paid. This time is over and now everyone can watch it for free online from home. Google Adwords has officially changed its name to “Google Ads”. I will now advance in my explanations by mentioning this new name. 

Now let’s talk about Google Ads certification.

To obtain the Google Ads certification, you must first register and log in to the SkillShop platform (formerly Academy for Ads)

Google Skill Shop

If you have a Gmail ID it’s very easy and you can just log in with your ID and access Skillshop content. The platform is not only for Google Ads certification, it includes different types of courses such as “Google analytics”, “Android Enterprise Academy”, “Google Web Designer”, etc.

Once you have selected the Google Ads course, the course content display will be as follows:

Once connected, the idea is to follow the courses that interest you and then pass the certification concerned. To be officially certified, you must pass and pass the fundamentals of Google Ads as well as a second certification.

A word of advice: take the time to read the courses carefully because all the answers are there. Google Ads certification is all about focus and patience

Once Google Ads certified, you can go further and complete your certification level with more exams and courses on:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Display
  3. Google Video
  4. Google Shopping
  5. Google Mobile Ads

“Google SkillShop” is the heart and soul of the Google Ads platform. Once you understand the concepts of Google search and pass the certifications, you can continue to learn more about all the topics previously exposed.

How are the certification exams conducted?

Exams are primarily conducted online and you can choose your date and time and launch the exam from within the Google Skill Shop platform. It’s simple, free and fast.

What type of questions to expect?

All questions will be multiple choice and you will have 4 or 5 options to choose the correct answer. The grammar and meaning of the sentences are strict and Google does its best to create confusion in your mind.

What result do you need to obtain to be certified?

Passing marks are 80%. If you fail, you have seven days to wait before you can retake it.

How many questions are there during the exam?

The number of questions and the minimum mark always depend on the Google Ads certification you choose.

For example: 

Google fundamentals feature:

  • 65 multiple-choice questions and a total exam time of 90 minutes

The Google search certification feature:

  • 102 multiple-choice questions and total exam time of 120 minutes

What is the validity period of the Google Ads certification? :

Each Google Ads certification is valid for up to one year from the date you take the exam. This for all SkillShop certifications

Where can I see my Google Ads certification?

Your Google Ads certification is available from your Skill Shop profile

You can click on each individual certificate and perform an impression to prove that you are Google Ads certified.

Good exam!

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