‘Pawri Girl’: A Five-Second Video Brings India and Pakistan Together

One of the Pakistani content creators Dananeer Mobin uploaded the video on her Instagram page, on 6 February. As we can see social media is the best platform to gain thesis help fame overnight, she even didn’t know that she became a social media star in both nations. Recently her funny short video becomes viral on social media and trending on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

In that video a young beautiful girl dananeer is saying in her fake English accent “ye hmari car hai, ye hum hain, or ye hamari pawri horhi hai”. After uploading the video on science soft social media, people started to make hilarious memes. It’s a funny and entertaining video, as we can see Meet Green much news about death and covid virus in our pandemic situation. This video brings a huge change in many people’s minds; it brings happiness in many faces in both India and Pakistan.

She Told BBC

She said in her interview “what could better than sharing love across a border at a time, when there is so much trouble and so much division around the world. I am glad my neighbors and I are partying together now, because of my video.”

Meme Fest by India and Pakistan

Emphasizes, she says even in the post that she know it’s a meme material content and everyone may follow thesis writing help UK this because of her different style. She was right, after uploading the video the Pakistani and Indians started making videos and follows the trends and making short clips with their friends and family. Although India and fight between Kashmir issue the video is not too long but still many celebrities and public figures also making videos and get entertain.

Moreover one of the Indian DJ took her phrase “ye hamari pawri horhi hai” (we are partying) and turned it into a catchy song before gave a shout-out to pawri girl.


More about Pawri Girl

Apart from creating memes CIPD assignment help and their version of pawri horhi hai, social media users and others are interested in knowing her deep details, as she occupied the top spot on the trend list. In her Instagram bio, she says “called me Geena”. Her post usually centers on Bridal Dresses In fashion, entertainment, and makeup. She explains in her text that she make fun at burger who come to visit the northern mountainous part of Pakistan on Holidays. AS Pakistani use the terms burgers to describe the rich elite class who may study or work outside Pakistan and speak with an American or British accent.
“It’s not my style to talk like this in burger style. I did it just to make fun” says Dananeer.

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