Professional Legal Translation Services And Their Technicalities

Professional legal translation services are prerequisites of smooth and successful business expansion. 

Legal translation is a domain of translation that deals with the transformation of legal and legislative documents and content from the source language to the target language. 

This process of translation also ensures the perseverance of the original meaning and context of the content. Only experienced translators with a legal background can perform this translation activity seamlessly.

Types of documents that require legal translation services

Legal content is technical as well. It is an important part of every business. Business owners usually have a team of expert lawyers who take care of the stuff.

 There are several documents that undergo translation. However, here are a few documents that often require translation

  • Contracts
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Depositions
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Complaints
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Licenses
  • Legal statements
  • Policies
  • Litigation documentation
  • Arbitration translation

Translating legal documents is challenging. It is a different and tough language. A translator who understands legal language and terminology well can excel in the translation.

 An ordinary translator cannot perform this task. They should be well versed with relevant laws, rules, and regulations of the country. A word-to-word translation does not work for professional legal translation services.

Legal Chinese translation services

China is an economic powerhouse and every brand, entrepreneur wishes to expand his business especially the catering China market.

However, when it comes to translating the legal content, it gets tough. Every country has different rules and regulatory authorities. So, the persons involved have to be familiar with the content, nuances, and other basic knowledge.

Importance of legal Chinese translation services

Legal documents translation services are significant in China while attempting the process of localization. It is also of foremost importance to outsource the legal documents translation services to a reliable and professional language service provider to excel in the Chinese market

So, that the whole project gets completed in a timely and there are no last-minute hassles and hiccups. Legal content and translation lacking accuracy and precision could be disastrous and have legal consequences.

 A poorly translated page can offend Chinese people or authorities, so dedicated and professional legal contracts translation services should be hired for the purpose.

It is essential to consider what law firms acquire for legal translation services. They expect it to be accurate and true and close to its original version. Besides that, the translation team should be well versed in the businesses and other legal practices of the target country.

 A poorly treated content and inaccurate translation can create big issues and misunderstandings. This is why experts always suggest using legal documents translation services to avoid big losses.

There are a number of business contracts and other legal documents that require translation. The companies should also outsource these to professional legal contracts translation services.

So, the native speakers who have their expertise in legal content and translation with the knowledge of required laws should do the job.

Legal translation services are also useful when the content and material need updating. There is often a practice of sending two versions of the document, one to track changes and the other one with a clean version. This is how the clients can track the changes with the original version of documents.

Legal formatting

Legal formatting is different in different countries. During the process of translation, usually, the same formatting is used which is in the original. However, the differences could vary with the countries and regions. 

Business owners with their team of lawyers should closely study and try to apprehend the law, rules, and regulations of the target country to avoid any serious offense. As not understanding the law sufficiently could lead to accusations and court.

The business associates of the target country can also help in this regard before actually venturing into expansion.

Characteristics of legal translation

Legal translation is an extensive job. It requires the team to have sufficient knowledge of the source and target country’s laws, familiarity with legal linguistics, a good grip with law terms and terminology, and other basic business laws.

As per the research of Malcolm Harvey, there are four basic and standard characteristics of legal translation.

Nature of legal discourse

For legal documents translation services, legal documents can be divided into two main texts, prescriptive and descriptive respectively. It can further contain a hybrid text that has both functions. There will be a legal effect on the target text.

Legal language is complicated and extensive; hence it is important to hand it over to a professional legal contracts’ translation service.

System bound discipline

Law-making involves a lot of technicalities. It is a combination of different systems that separately or generally have evolved over a long period of time, confined with national boundaries.

Legal translators have to look for equivalence of culture-bound terms, particular concepts, processes, and personnel. However, it is interesting to note that European and international law is witnessing a huge increase that gives the impression of how the law might come standardized in near future.


Fidelity is a law term that refers to the achievement of an equivalent impact on a target audience, that may justify substantial changes to the original text to acknowledge stylistic traditions of target legal culture.

This technique not only makes the translator bilingual but also a text producer. According to experts, fidelity should not be about the source text and rather it should go for the uniform intent of a single device or instrument.

 For example, it’s about legislators’ and negotiators’ intentions.

Ambiguity and interpretation

The language of law relies on natural language. As politics, metaphysics and ethics are confined to rhetoric things.

 This creates a lot of ambiguity, and it can further cause trouble when it’s about the interpretation of legal documents and content.

Skills required by a legal translator

Creating a good translation is an art, as quoted by experts it is a ‘meticulous craft’. The translation should not be bland and mere plain word-to-word content rather it should reflect the real message preserving original context and accuracy.

Translators should ensure the sustaining of tone and language level of the target language. There should be no grammatical errors in legal documents.

Language service providers should ensure that they offer extremely professional legal document translation services and it does not contain poor translation or any other blunders.

Ambiguity can create a diplomatic problem when it comes to the translation of international treaties. It is also interesting to note that ambiguity is not taken as a flaw in literary translation and rather is viewed as profound.

However, a high-quality legal translation can not be accepted with ambiguities. It could create issues and errors in the long run. Hence, to deliver good quality legal contract translation services, the legal translator should possess the following skills

Important Skills For legal translator

  • Diligence
  • Vigilance
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Legal and legislative knowledge
  • Well versed with legal terms and nuances
  • Proficiency in source as well as a target language
  • Great insight and research skills


A lot of translation vendors claim to offer good and professional legal documents translation services. However, this subject is quite complex and technical hence, requiring relevant expertise and proficiency to attempt the task.

Besides that, it has legal formatting and four basic characteristics to consider. Also, the legal translators should be experts, professionals, and experienced enough to ace at the job. 

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