Proper Use of Screwdriver

The correct use of a screwdriver is very important, since it will help you in ensuring that you don’t cause any damage to the screw nut. The shaft and tip of a screwdriver must be aligned with the screws and must be held firmly in place. You can install or remove a bolt or screw using the correct force. When working with screws, always turn the tool in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Types of Screwdrivers

The screwdriver has two types: the ratcheting and the manual. The former is a flat and thick handle with a cylindrical steel shank. The driver’s handle is larger than its tip, which applies less twisting force to the screw. This type of screwdriver is shaped like a pear and has a pear-shape handle. It was used for slotted screws. Both types of screwdrivers were invented in the 15th century.


The flathead screwdriver is the most common type of screwdriver. Its head has a flattened tip and is generally the largest screwdriver in the market. They’re mostly used for electrical and construction projects. You can also choose a Phillips or Torx screwdriver for different purposes. The former is suitable for Phillips and Torx head screws. Its star-shaped blade helps you to apply more torque and makes it easier to work with tighter screws.

The ratcheting screwdriver has a ratcheting mechanism inside its handle. A ratcheting screwdriver has six slots and a square tip. The screwdriver has interchangeable tips. Its square tip is good for tightening screws. If you’re not sure what type of tip you need, buy an insulated screwdriver to be safe. The ratchet function helps you work with screws more effectively.

How to Use?

When you use a screwdriver, you should keep in mind that the tip of the screwdriver should be positioned snugly inside the head of the screw. This ensures maximum torque is applied to the screw. It is also a good idea to avoid driving the screw into a surface where the tip can damage the surface. You can also use a pilot hole to make it easier to insert the screwdriver.

The screwdriver should be held in the dominant hand and the screw should be placed near the opening of the hole. To properly drive a screw, you need to press down on the tip of the screwdriver with your other hand. The tip should be slightly wider than the screwdriver itself. It should be angled towards the screw. Using a thin tip on a screwdriver will not cause damage to the surface and will be ineffective in driving the screws.

The screwdriver should be held in the dominant hand and placed up to the opening of the hole. The screw should be twisted in the right direction and should not slide around the hole. When working with a screwdriver, it is important to be careful when working with it. The driver’s handle must be durable and be easy to grip. The handle should not be too loose or too tight. If the screwdriver is too short, the screw could fall into the hole.

Tip of the Screwdriver

The tip of the screwdriver should be filled with the screw. Too thin a tip will decrease leverage and torque, and too wide a tip will damage the surface being screwed into. An overly wide tip will result in a stripped screw, which is impossible to remove. You should use the proper size for the screw and the job you are doing. When using the screwdriver, it should not be too thin or too wide.

It is important to use the screwdriver properly. The correct way to use a screwdriver is to press it inward while turning the screw. Never apply too much pressure, as it will damage the screw hole or cause the tip to slide. It is not safe to do this in front of other people, but it will make the task faster and easier. It also saves time and prevents injury. If you have an oversized screw, it is important to use a smaller one.

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