Remote Work: How Creator Economy is Fuelling Virtual Office Ecosystem

Prior to Pandemic, we all imagined a scenario where we can sit at home and make a living. Remote work has always been a dream for employees and an uncertain situation for employers. Employers want productivity and assuming the report given by McKinsey & Company, a person cannot be fully productive when he is sitting at home in a comfortable environment. But Creator Economy changed the game for virtual offices.

Though Creator Economy has given a real-world demonstration of how work can be done much more effectively with a high rate of productivity sitting at your comfort space. The slack report suggests 16 million U.S knowledge workers have started working from home after the Pandemic was officially declared. But the report also quotes that experience matters to get a work-from-home job. A fresher is not even eligible for remote work, so the person has to risk his life and come to the office. 

So if you are working from home either you are a Solopreneur, a content creator, or a highly experienced individual and a lucky one of course.

According to the survey done by Slack, 55% of people still state that they are going to the office for work. 

This clearly indicates towards a fact that Creator Economy can transform the scenario and change employees from simply workers to Solopreneurs, people who work for themselves without risking their life for a company that can lay them off anytime. 

McKinsey & Company quotes that work from home is limited to certain roles, and there are various jobs that do not offer that option, especially jobs that involve operating machinery, like Doctors who need to perform operations or technicians who need to build or operate equipment or jobs in which physical impression is necessary to convert the lead. 

In India, work-from-home is not a good option for the majority of companies except Tata Consultancy, the largest Infotech company which will move 75% of its workforce working remotely until 2025. But nothing changes for other companies which are still calling people to office. 

Though India is hiring for remote work, the industry is limited to Information Technology. We have an advanced skill set for Java and python developers with more than 5 million individuals with the know-how of coding. According to a report given by Multiplier, there are 1.3 million Android Developers, 8,73,000 Ios developers, and 1,70,000 people focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and deep tech. 

So, remote work is still not a thumb rule in India except for Creator Economy where people are self-made entrepreneurs, calling themselves Solopreneurs.

Let’s list down the professions which can completely shift their work remote: 

  • Educators: Home Tutors, Teachers, Motivational Speakers, etc. 
  • Consultants: Tarot Card readers, Astrologers, real estate agents, Doctors, Psychologists. 
  • Entertainers: Stage performers, Stand-up comedians, poets, content writers, freelancers in various categories, gamers, live streamers, influencers, etc. 

There are various other undiscovered professions that we have no knowledge about that can create value not by going to a different working environment or an office space but by simply sitting at home. creator economy platforms can help us identify all that is hidden beneath the surface. There is an unsaid prejudice towards certain industries and tasks. 

The Passion Economy and the Gig Economy can help prevent and reduce that bigotry, and discover the professions that were right in front of us yet unseen and unheard. Like a writer on Substack, earns more than $500,000 a year just from reader subscriptions. 

There comes- CallXP!

CallXP, the world’s first Digital Toll Line for content creators. We welcome Solopreneurs, people who want to create anything or give a service in exchange for value. A monetizing platform for Passion and Gig economy players. 

Starting from giving you your own website, creating your brand, advertising and marketing your services and your brand, plus managing your payments, and giving you a safe payment gateway, CallXP will be your partner till and after you reach the pinnacle. 

So, are you ready to work remotely and monetize it?

Become a remote worker plus a Solopreneur with CallXP, with the skill set you possess, be it writing, speaking, teaching, coding, consulting, or anything that can create value for someone. Host free or paid live sessions and webinars for the talent in hand on CallXP, your own Digital brand. 

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