Root canal treatment: Everything you Need to Know

What is Root Canal Treatment & How Does It Work?

Has the dentist advised you to have a root canal treatment? Are you looking for all of the information you need regarding root canal surgery before you proceed?

The article covers all you need to know about root canal treatment, including the treatment, procedure, and symptoms, as well as how root canal therapy may reduce tooth discomfort and save your smile. Continue reading to learn about each area.

What is root canal?

The teeth have an acrylic covering on the exterior, the second layer of dentin inside, and a soft inner core that extends deep into the centre of the jaw. This core houses the dental pulp (which consists of connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, fibroblasts, and odontoblasts).

When deterioration extends the soft-core, the pulp becomes irritated or infected, and it might even die. You will need a root canal to preserve the tooth and remove the decay to correct this.

A root canal is a therapy that removes germs from the affected root canal and keeps it from becoming infected again. When the doctor removes the infected pulp, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before the filling is positioned to wrap the space. This procedure preserves the native tooth.

Symptoms: why we need a root canal treatment in Dubai

Following are the symptoms:

  • Ongoing toothache
  • Intolerance to hot and cold foods
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Gum enlargement
  • Sensation of pain when you touch the tooth
  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • The tooth is loose.
  •  Acne on the mouth
  • Excruciating discomfort during eating or biting

Your dentist will inspect the tooth and take X-rays to confirm the diagnosis.

What is the procedure for a root canal?

The top dentist will perform a root canal in Bangalore or an endodontist. Endodontists are highly competent dental professionals who only address issues relating to the tooth pulp. If your root canal case is complex, your general dentist may recommend that you see an endodontist.

  • The dentist will test to find the symptoms of infection in the surrounding bone and assess the root canals’ morphology. The doctor will provide A local anaesthetic to numb the region around the tooth. During the surgery, you will be awake, but the drug will keep you pain-free.
  • The dentist will place a silicone dam around the tooth during the procedure to keep it dry and free of saliva.
  • After the tooth has numb, a tiny aperture at the top is produced with a drill or a LASER.
  • The dentist or oral surgeon will next eliminate the injured pulp and germs and clean the region with specific dental instruments known as ‘Files.’ The root canal’s sidewalls are also scraped and washed clean. After the treatment, spray sodium hypochlorite or water in the region to flush away the debris.
  • After thoroughly cleaning and shaping the region, the endodontist or dentist will fill the root canals with a biocompatible substance. This substance is known as gutta-percha. To achieve a perfect root canal finish, the doctor will insert Gutta-percha with a block of adhesive cement. In the end, the doctor will use the filler to fill the opening.
  • Finally, the dentist or endodontist will go through any extra therapeutic work that your tooth may require. For example, placing a crown or other repair to safeguard the tooth and keep it from shattering.

Is a Root Canal a painful procedure?

Because root canal treatment is a serious surgery, you can expect mild pain. A root canal entails a thorough cleansing of the canals, which might irritate surrounding nerves and gums before completing the procedure. This discomfort, however, does not continue forever.

Because the discomfort associated with a root canal procedure is typically moderate, you will most likely be offered over-the-counter pain relievers. If you feel any pain or irritation that lasts longer, you should immediately contact your surgeon.

Advantages of having a root canal

Endodontic or root canal treatments are essential for saving, healing, and restoring diseased or abscessed teeth. If untreated, the inflamed or inflammatory dental pulp inside the tooth can lead to widespread infection, tooth loss, or even a portion of the jaw bone. Natural tooth preservation helps you keep your natural look, average biting power and feel, and optimal chewing mechanics. It also protects other teeth from severe wear or strain, lowering the likelihood that you may require more restorative dental treatment in the future.

What is the risk of a root canal procedure?

Root canal therapy is exceedingly safe and effective, especially when administered by a skilled endodontist (a dental professional who specialises in root canals). Root canal has been practised for over 200 years, and advances in technology, tools, methods, disinfectants, and pain management make the procedure more predictable and effective. These are only designed to maintain a natural tooth and avoid reinfection, and they are far safer than the alternatives to an abscess extraction.

What is the cost of root canal treatment in Dubai?

The cost of root canal treatment in Dubai ranges from 1300 AED per tooth to 5000 AED, depending on the dental facility and the intricacy of the case. In Dubai, the average cost of a primary root canal procedure combined with a dental filling is roughly 4000 AED. A root canal therapy on your molar and premolar teeth is slightly more costly than on the other teeth.


To summarize, while the therapy may cause moderate discomfort and worry, it will provide you with long-term pain relief. If you have been suffering from the symptoms listed above, we recommend seeing your doctor quickly to get a diagnosis.

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