Run Flat Tyre Technology and its Benefits

Punctures occur in tyres when an iron nail or similar object damages the body of your tyres. The tiny hole in tyres will allow the air to escape to reduce the air pressure. Decreased air pressure is not favourable for the health and performance of your vehicle. Moreover, it is almost impossible to run a car on a flat tyre.

Experts say that you must not drive your car on a flat tyre. If you ignore this warning, you will be responsible for severe damage to your tyre. The best approach to deal with punctures is stopping the vehicle immediately when one of your Performance Tyres London is flat. After that, change your tyres if you can, or you can call a mobile tyre-fitting service. Moreover, you can use tyre puncture repair kits that come with sealants. However, these kits offer only a temporary solution, and you have to visit a garage for a permanent solution.

Use run-flat tyres if you want to stop your car in a safe place when one of your tyres becomes flat. Run-flat technology is useful since it allows a car driver to cover a distance of 50m at the speed of 50mph to reach a safe place.

There are mainly three types of run-flat tyres:


These tyres are available with rigid sidewalls that support the punctured tyre when it loses its air pressure quickly because of the tiny punctured area. Some experts say that these tyres do not decrease the level of comfort during the journey.

Self Seating Tyre:

These tyres come with a lining inside them. This part works exactly like a tyre sealant to fill the tiny hole to stop further leakage of air. These tyres are not popular like self-supporting tyres because of limited rim sizes.

Auxiliary Supported Tyre:

These tyres are present in the vehicles related to Government, VIPs, and the Military. They are high-resistant to punctures because of the additional support ring. These tyres are not comfortable in driving and they are responsible to affect the fuel economy as well.

Benefits of Run-flat Tyres

The first advantage of running flat tyres is obvious. You can run your vehicle on a flat tyre and reach a garage or your home. There is no need to stop your car unwontedly in the middle of the road. You can frequently travel with your family members, relatives and friends without the need of thinking about safety.

The use of run-flat tyres allows you to have more space in your vehicle. You do not need to have a spare tyre and toolbox in your car if you have installed run-flat tyres. It saves space that you may use for another purpose.

Are Run-flat Tyres Expensive?

Yes, run-flat tyres are indeed costlier than standard tyres. But, if we look at their advantages, buying these tyres seems a good investment.

You can install run-flat tyres in your vehicle if you want proper road safety and comfort especially when you are in the middle of a long journey.

What if You Do Not Have Run-flat Tyres?

If you do not have run-flat tyres in your vehicle, learn to change your punctured tyre. Moreover, do not forget to have a spare tyre and toolbox in your car.

Stop your car instantly if one of your tyres is flat. You have to stop your vehicle since your tyres are not designed to run without air pressure. Driving on flat tyres will damage the suspension system of the tyres.

Is it Possible to Mix Run-flats and Standard Tyres?

Run flats are compatible with the vehicles that have TPMS. Thus, you need to buy at least five run-flat tyres for your car. Four will serve the vehicle, and the fifth will be in your car as a spare.


Punctures are sometimes troublesome when you cannot stop your vehicle and have to drive your car on a flat tyre. Run-flat technology helps you to reach a safe place. Therefore, it is popular and most modern cars come with run-flat tyres by default.

Surely, run-flat tyres are costly, and you have to look at your budget. But, once you buy these Car Tyres London you will never regret your decision.

To determine the correct type of run-flat tyres, you have to browse one of two websites. These websites of tyre dealers provide correct information about tyres and their features.

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