Russia Could Nuke Own Border Region, Wagner PMC Chief Warns

A file image of Yevgeny Prigozhin from 2017 and an inset photo of the detonation of nuclear device “Badger” during Operation Upshot-Knothole in Nevada, in 1953.GETTY

“Lobbing [the bomb] at foreign [territory] is scary, but we can hit our own, to show how sick and psychotic we are. The Ukrainian forces might be occupying some small [Russian] village, and that’s where [Russia] will aim the tactical nuclear strike,” the Putin ally said.

“That is if it is still functional—judging by how they are maintaining other [weapons],” he added.

During the interview Prigozhin, who previously attacked Russian authorities for failing to provide sufficient ammunition, also went on to issue an apparent ultimatum to the Defense Ministry, hinting that he could turn his troops towards Moscow if supplies didn’t arrive.

“We give the ministry two weeks to liberate our territories [in the Belgorod region]. But if they fail or we aren’t confident [in their efforts] I will demand that we are allowed to go there because otherwise, they’ll keep lying to the Russian people,” he said.