Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 481 of the invasion

UN says Russia blocking humanitarian aid deliveries following Kakhovka dam rupture; Death toll from flooding caused by collapse of the dam has risen to 16

  • The UN has accused Moscow of continuing to block humanitarian aid deliveries to Russian-occupied areas in eastern Ukraine that have been affected by the recent Kakhovka dam rupture. “We urge the Russian authorities to act in accordance with their obligations under international humanitarian law. Aid cannot be denied to people who need it,” the UN humanitarian coordinator for Ukraine, Denise Brown, said in a statement.
  • Russia had the means, motive and opportunity to bring down the dam, according to exclusive drone photos and information obtained by the Associated Press newswire. Images taken from above the dam appeared to show an explosive-laden car atop the structure, and two officials said Russian troops were stationed in a crucial area inside the dam where the Ukrainians say the explosion that destroyed it was centred, AP reported. The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the news agency.
  • The death toll from flooding caused by the destruction of the dam has risen to 16 in Ukraine with 31 still missing and 29 in territories controlled by Russia, according to briefings by Kyiv and Moscow. Flood water poured across a huge area of southern Ukraine and Russian-occupied areas when the dam was breached on 6 June.
  • Ukraine has recaptured the village of Piatykhatky, in the southern Zaporizhzhia region, reports suggest. It would be the second gain in the area since Kyiv launched its counteroffensive earlier this month. A Russian-installed official said Ukrainian forces had taken the settlement and were entrenching themselves there while coming under fire from Russian artillery, Reuters reported. If confirmed, this is Ukraine’s first village gain for nearly a week, and marks an apparent escalation of the offensive on the most direct route to Crimea.
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