‘Russia won’t help India if China breaches LAC’ | India News


NEW DELHI: US deputy NSA Daleep Singh warned of consequences for any country that seeks to circumvent sanctions aimed at Russia, but also said on Thursday that Washington had not set any red line for India, which seeks to buy Russian oil at a discount, and that its current energy import does not violate any US sanction as there is an exemption for energy imports. Top government sources, while not naming the US, had earlier this month said that countries with oil self-sufficiency cannot “credibly advocate” restrictive trading with Russia.
During his visit, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is expected to further discuss a rouble-rupee payment mechanism for trade with India that is meant to beat Western sanctions.
Singh said sanctions on Russia will restrict its ability to supply military equipment to India, affecting the latter’s defence preparedness, and that the US is ready to help India diversify its energy and defence sources even if that’s going to be a long process. The official further claimed Russia will not come to India’s rescue at the LAC given Moscow’s growing reliance on China. Singh spoke to reporters after meetings with senior Indian officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and several ministries.


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