Samant Brara How Entrepreneurs Can Boost Morale of their Employees?

Samant Brara  If you are having a tough phase keeping your team members motivated and engaged, then you are not alone. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, motivation and morale are pretty hard to get. You will be amazed to know that over 10 thousand people quit their jobs daily, resulting in an enhanced hiring cost and reduced productivity. In the present scenario, keeping everyone needs more effort than simply putting some donuts on the table or starting your meeting with some ice-breaker games. Instead, managers and senior leaders must evaluate the engagement practices and take the necessary yet concrete steps for better company culture and keeping employees productive, happy, and motivated said Samant Brara – a well-known business entrepreneur in the country.

In addition to this, you can use the following to boost your employees’ morale and keep them motivated:

  • Retool meetings

According to Samant Brara Business Tycoon – meetings are not bad but they are just executed inappropriately. To make your meetings more engaging and exciting, it is advised to include 5-9 people only. If there is any sweet spot, you can also include stakeholders. In addition to this, you should survey employees during meetings. This will help you know what are they struggling with the most and what can be done to fix the issues. Lastly, you must set ‘meeting-free’ times. This is the best way to help your employees keep one less activity on their calendar.

  • Empower seniors to act

Your team members can be a great fountain of new and unique ideas for the senior leadership and middle managers. But for this, you will need to empower your seniors and managers to act. And when they are empowered, they will not only encourage the staff to come up with ideas and suggestions but can take the necessary steps to act upon. You should keep one thing in mind that most of the good and profitable ideas may die if you do not allow them to come out or do not provide your employees a comfortable platform to come forward and talk.

  • Promote lunch breaks

You will be amazed to know that as simple as lunch breaks can bring a huge positive impact on the morale of your employees. A survey was done by a leading firm – Tork where results showed that employees who take proper lunch breaks are more productive, have higher job satisfaction and are happier than those who don’t. According to this survey, around 88% of employees are satisfied who take a lunch break. Too often, people skip their lunch-time due to excessive work pressure or to meet the deadlines of a project. This habit not only affects their overall health but can lead to less efficiency. So, you are advised to encourage your employees to take proper lunch breaks.

  • Celebrate employees

As per Samant Brara – it is quite obvious to forget about employees’ mental health when there is a large-scale project or a deadline. Since every member puts his 100% (in most of the cases), you must take out some time to highlight and appreciate the hard work of your team members individually. You should celebrate your team members’ achievements and dedication. It will not only boost morale but encourage others to do well. But yes, you must know how to appreciate and recognize your employees.

In a Nutshell

There are countless ways available that you can use to boost the morale of your employees but you should always make sure that you share words of appreciation when they are skipping lunch breaks or simply putting more than expected efforts – Samant Brara. This may seem a very small thing but it is something that can go a long way. So, try out these methods, evolve the company’s culture, and keep everyone happy and motivated.

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