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SAP Business One Partner in India- What a Gold Partner Offers

If you have finally made the decision of choosing an ERP for your business you might come across plenty of choices. SAP Business One is one of the most common recommendations. As this is a solution that is globally available, finding support and also finding information about the solution is easy. You will find many options while choosing a SAP Business One partner in India for the implementation of Business One for your business. While choosing a partner you should know that there are different types of authorization.

What Are The Types Of SAP Business One Partners?

While there are many partnership types for SAP Business One, the most common ones you should know about will be Gold, Silver and Platinum.

  • Silver partner: these are entry level partners who have been authorized by SAP to help businesses with Business One execution.
  • Platinum Partner: this is the highest level of partnership and you will find most of the partners in this category to be working with large scale organizations.
  • Gold partner: if you need a cost-effective implementation of Business One for your business and if you need a partner who has shown consistency in the quality of service, a gold partner might be the most practical choice. And gold partners are the best fit for most medium and small sized businesses. Yearly review is done in order to constantly monitor whether the partner is eligible to maintain the gold status. So, working with a partner who has a gold status means entrusting your infrastructure to a business that has consistently proved its competence in offering better business value.

What Are The Service Benefits You Can Expect From Your Partner?

Once you have identified a gold status SAP Business One partner in India, the following are the benefits your business can expect. These are the service benefits that come along with the standard benefits that SAP Business One is known for.

  1. Faster Implementation Times

The partner will be able to provide a transparent picture of the timelines involved in implementation. You will know the start and end date for the execution. There tend to be slight delays depending on the processes and the  people in the organization. But most timelines are adhered to. And this helps businesses plan their activity. Since the teams might take some time to understand and start working with the new solution in a full-fledged manner, businesses can time the implementation based on the business objectives and critical plans ahead.

  1. Keeping Things Practical

A gold partner has achieved this status by working with numerous projects across diverse industries. This means that the partner has experience in handling different types of challenges in Business One implementation. As a result, they know how to keep things practical. They also know what new teams find to be challenging with such process changes. This helps them plan the training for the involved teams efficiently. And thus they help in a smooth transition.

  1. Business Process Expertise

Understanding the current processes in a business will be possible with exposure to different business sizes and different business models. Both of these are the strengths of most gold partners. Since they have proven their commitment to service quality for years, they have proven their ability to deliver accurate executions based on the business processes.

In short, a gold status SAP Business One partner in India will have enough experience to quickly understand your business. This makes it easier for the partner to know what kind of current infrastructure challenges affect your business growth. And thus they will be able to guide you in choosing the perfectly personalized SAP Business One implementation that works well for your business model.

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