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Small Apartments Renovation Tips To Expand the Spaces

Are you looking to expand the living space of your home? We have a few ideas for making the most of small apartments.

It may take some adjustments and renovations to make more space in a smaller apartment. Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination and some of these ideas to increase the spacious feel of your apartment.


Small apartments renovation ideas

Even the smallest apartment can be transformed into a magazine with a little bit of creativity, tricks, and reform.

You can make the most of every space by using storage ideas, the right furniture, and lighting. It is as simple as paying attention to what your apartment needs.

We are certain that you will make the most of every space in your home after reading this article.

  • Keep your head up. Remember that a floor’s area is measured in meters, which gives you many vertical options. Make the most of the ceiling height in small rooms. You can use the ceiling space by putting up walls
  • Improve distribution. Place the furniture in the living area and dining room, with at least 80 cm between them. Clear the passageways.


Furniture plays an equally important role.

  • It includes light furniture. In a small space, bulky furniture can overwhelm you.
  • Reduce the amount of furniture. Reducing the furniture you need is the best thing. A large chaise longue or sofa is better than two smaller ones.
  • Increase the furniture’s capacity. You can, for example, replace your bedside table with a chest or drawers if you have more space in your bedroom. The same advantages are available, but it has more storage. You can also choose a small secretary for the desk.
  • Furniture, custom. Custom furniture can be a great solution for smaller or more complicated spaces.


Clear things are made easier by the floors and walls

  • You can change the floors. The space will multiply if it has a smooth, medium-sized floor. Parquets with long strips, for example, will give you more perspective. Glossy finishes will let you see more light.
  • Use light colors for the walls. White color visually makes ceilings, floors, and walls disappear. This color makes furniture blend in, making it less obvious and giving the room a sense of spaciousness. White visually expands a space, adds depth, and pushes away walls.
  • Improve lighting. A good lighting system will give the home a feeling of spaciousness. A mirror can be illuminated with lights, which will make it seem more spacious.


Bonus tips

  • Make use of the corridors. Don’t lose valuable meters in the corridors. You can remove partitions, unify spaces, and expand wherever you need. This will increase luminosity. Some inconvenience? It is necessary to unify flooring and decorations.
  • Say goodbye to the tub. It will not only improve the efficiency of your home but also make your bathroom more spacious. You can make 1 m more space by replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower.
  • Make the most of the terrace. Close the terrace and bring it into the living room. You will increase the space’s depth and view by adding a white enclosure that has very few profiles.


Get help from professional house renovators

After reviewing these suggestions to maximize a small apartment, you decide that reform is the right choice. And for that always hire professional renovators to make the process smooth and tension free.

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