Stuck at the airport? Here are 10 things to do

Check your gadgets.Recently, I was stranded in the Philadelphia airport. The airport provided cots for travelers. Without hotel reservations. But when it came to charging. My phone and iPad. I was at a loss.

Here are some tips to help you survive your airport stay.

Make yourself comfortable

Being late is never fun. Especially if you’re rushed. Fatigued, and in a hurry.

Make lemonade when life gives you lemons!

You can use delays to catch up on reading. That book you’ve been meaning to read.

Maybe you never got around to watching that movie.

Locate a charging station

So you can stay charged. When you find yourself in this situation. Keep your gadgets. For Instance, tablet or laptop charged.

In addition to communication. I used, social media can be used for entertainment and sanity.

The motto of the Boy Scouts. Which means to be mentally and physically prepared at all times.

There will be delays with airlines. When they occur. So I shouldn’t be surprised

Bring snacks and know where to get water.

For extended battery life. Keep a portable battery pack nearby.

I was prepared for these situations. It will make them less stressed.

Learn about the gate agents

Having a contact at the airport will serve you well. You’ll be able to know. What’s happening before others.

Also, gate agents can offer tips on what to do in the airport while you’re stranded.

Day after day. They work at the airport. Knowledgeably accumulating. Vast amounts of information

Take care of one another

regardless of how cranky you are. Besides being tired. Hungry, and thirsty, you’re frustrated.

Don’t let your state influence. How do you deal with airport staff or gate agents?

The nicer you are. The more likely they are to help you.

When you’re stranded at the airport. This is the most important thing to do. After all, being nice always. Gets the job was done faster than being rude.

Go to an airport lounge

Where you can relax and relieve stress? A lounge at the airport. It could be a good investment. Day pass if you are flying domestically.

Whenever you’re stranded at the airport. You might as well have a shower. A meal, and a place to relax.

Delta. For instance.Charges $59 for a single-visit pass.

A shower, food, and Wi-Fi are worth that price

Check to see if the airport has a public lounge. If an airline-specific lounge. It is not on the cards.

The amenities are provided by public lounges. They are similar to airline lounges. Smarter Travel says.

Choose an accommodation

Instead of staying at the airport. Book a hotel. Get offers on your gadgets.

If you’re not a fan of airport lounges. Or find them crowded. Book a hotel before. Stranded travelers like myself. Most of us take up the rooms.

In order to book a room. You should call the nearest hotel’s reservations line. While on your way there.

There’s no point in sleeping at your gate.

I know because I’ve done it.

Tweet about it!

in case representatives can assist you.

Tweeting while traveling is another experience. That many people are familiar with. According to The Penny Hoarder.

You may get a faster response. If you mention a specific airline in a tweet. Then if you ask someone at the airport.

Let the company know about your experience. The officials should hear my voice. You have some kindness.

I made it sure that my tweet. Mention the airline. Use a specific hashtag.

Understand your rights

In the event of weather delays

Suddenly, I find myself stranded at the airport. No way to get home.

Know your rights as a passenger. Contact your airline on gadgets.

Unfortunately, not much.

Moreover. Airlines may compensate me. If they cancel or delay the flights.

The bad news is that they don’t pay for bad weather.

Collect supplies

Visit convenience stores. To keep yourself occupied and comfortable.

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