Ten tips for maintaining a beautiful lip contour

lip contour

The lip contour is a result of the passage of time and our gestures. This is known as the ‘bar code’. These tips will help you keep your lips looking younger longer.

How to Get Rid of Lip Acne? To protect your skin from drying out and freezing caused by heating, you can apply lip balm, exfoliate and moisturize.

The lips in the area of the face were experienced the most in the winter. The lips’ skin and its contour are particularly sensitive and thin. Heating, in addition to the winter cold, can cause a dry environment and abrupt temperature changes that have an immediate impact on the skin.

The lips consist of a muscular portion (the red part), the skin covering it, and salivary cells. And also, they don’t have sebaceous glands that protect them from the cold.

They are fragile because of their fineness and sensitiveness. They can be repaired very quickly, however. This skin gets thinner with age and becomes more fragile.

The contour of your lips is affected by the passage of time and the actions of others.

These 10 tips will help you stay young for longer.

1. Stop smoking.

The heat and vapors from cigarettes can cause the skin to age. If you want to keep your contours nice and smooth, you should not smoke.

2. Hydrate

Although it seems simple, not everyone uses this trick. It is important to have smooth, fresh skin. However, adding lipstick to the lips when there is dryness can give you a great hydration bonus.

3. Exfoliate.

Exfoliation is an important part of overall care. It must be used sparingly, but at least once per week you can create a sugar-and-honey mask and apply it to your lips. A good result can be achieved in 10 minutes.

4. Don’t bite your lips.

This is a bad habit woman can develop when stressed or anxious. If you want beautiful lips, one of the most important things to avoid this habit.

5. Protect your skin from the sun.

This is especially important during the summer months when our skin becomes more exposed. To avoid wrinkles and marks around the mouth, use sunscreen.

6. Make sure you do your research before applying makeup.

Foundations and makeup products can dry out the epidermis. Lipsticks are no different. While you can use them, make sure to choose that moisturizes and respect your skin’s pH.

7. Use vitamin C.

This is a great product for your skin, especially in this sensitive area. You will feel the difference when you cool down.

8. Take your time and rest.

You can take care of yourself by pampering yourself. Restoring yourself makes your body and mind more relaxed, which reduces the signs of aging and can even improve certain areas, such as the contour of your lips.

9. Avoid abrupt gestures.

Too much smiling or grimacing can cause serious damage. Every gesture can contribute to wrinkles and expressions. Be confident, but not too expressive.

10. Make sure to use the right cosmetics.

Apply the facial moisturizer to the entire lip contour. You should not just apply the facial moisturizer to the lip contour.

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