The Best 5 Technology Trends That You Want to Know to do Work in Every Field

Technology Trends

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If you’ve been watching the latest news about exciting tech advancements like artificial intelligence then you’re likely aware of how technology is altering the way we communicate and interact with each other. Indeed, with concepts such as machine learning and commerce becoming increasingly commonplace across every sector from healthcare to banking technology is changing our business practices and is making high-tech solutions integral to our lives.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most significant technology trends to come out in the past few time is that of an emerging trend called the Internet of Things. Simply stated IoT or the Internet of Things (abbreviated IoT) is the concept that all devices in the world are connected to the internet and also to one another to try to achieve the perfect connection between the digital and physical worlds. What impact will this have on your business? It is dependent on your field of work. For instance, for people who work in the fields of marketing, advertising media, business management, or other areas, IOT could provide an abundance of data about how customers interact with their products by recording their interactions with electronic devices.

2. Machine learning

Another exciting new technology to watch out for can be described as machine learning. It is the ability of computers to learn by themselves by studying data and observing patterns that repeat. For instance, social media platforms utilize machine learning to have an understanding of the way you’re connected to those on your social networks. It does this by looking at your social media shares, likes, and comments, and then deciding to prioritize the most relevant content from your contacts, and serving this content first.
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3. Virtual reality (VR)

Did you enjoy watching films about virtual reality and wondering how awesome it could be if it were really like it with real-life experience? Then it’s about to become. While VR was in use from the 50s onwards, up until recently the technology was unable to provide the full-immersive digital experience that users are clamoring for. It’s set to change now with recent advancements in software and hardware and the impact is expected to be felt across nearly every sector from education to retail.

4. Commerce by touch

The ability to purchase anything you desire at the click of your finger seemed like a dream couple of decades ago. However, now it’s an actuality. By combining touchscreen technology and one-click shopping, touch commerce lets consumers purchase products from their phones. After linking their payment data to their general account and activating the feature, consumers can buy everything from furniture to clothing using just the swipe of a finger.

5. Cognitive Technology

Cognitive technology operates similarly to virtual reality and machine learning however it’s a much broader concept. For instance, it’s a broad umbrella of cognitive technologies that covers things such as neural speech processing (NLP) as well as speech recognition. Together, these various technologies allow for automation and streamline a variety of tasks previously handled by humans, such as specific aspects of accounting and analytics.

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