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“The Best Fashion Show Is On The Street”; A look into the popularity of street clothes.

Fashion enables you to introduce yourself without saying anything. It’s the first impression of you on anyone. The clothes you wear reveal a lot about your personality to the rest of the world. It is also a means of self-expression. It gives us a creative outlet that we can tweak and expand on at any time.

Fashion is significant not just because of its potential to represent a country’s culture but also because it can brighten our lives, change them through time, and add diversity. Everyone loves fashions.

The growing popularity of street fashion

Fashion trends change regularly. Many people believe that streetwear is solely worn by teenagers however this is not true Famous New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham once said that “The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.”, and we could not agree more. Today street clothes are worn by millions including celebrities who help popularize the trend worldwide.

With the rise of Instagram, it’s no surprise that photographs of individuals wandering down the street and shooting random photos have become increasingly popular. It has not only proven to be famous just among street style enthusiasts but also among fashion photographers. Everyone on Instagram is a model today.

The emerging fashion of street clothes is based around the idea of demolishing the fixed focus of current trends that aren’t original and don’t speak to an individual’s aesthetics. This broad approach to fashion encompasses styles that overlap and vary from the mainstream.

So, where did this trend start?

Although the street style has always existed, it only became popular in the twentieth century. The appeal of alternative lifestyles for persons seeking identity might be linked to the growth in living uniformity after World War II.

With inspirations from Los Angeles surf culture streetwear is claimed to have begun in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Sportswear fashion companies like Nike and Adidas and hip hop and punk DIY approaches have heavily influenced this trend. Today’s street fashion is the culmination of all of this.

In Japan, the postwar period is significant for the emergence of advertising industries with the popularisation of western lifestyles and new music genres, which directly influenced altering dress patterns, allowing for more flexibility and individuality.

The bold experimentation of youth in clothing style helped the creation of new subcultures with a focus on practically mismatching loud color outfits and accessories.

Inspirational Street Clothing

If you’re wondering how you can have street style, we’ve got this short summarised guide for you.

Streetwear, while not exclusively, comprises of relaxed outfits. Clothing that you wouldn’t wear to a fancy restaurant, but that is chic enough to keep you looking stylish on the daily. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, and an accessory of choice are typically frequented in street fashion.

There’s no clothing crisis that can’t be solved with an oversized shirt and a pair of blue washed boyfriend jeans. When you’re stuck for ideas on how to stay fashionable and on top of the current trends, turn to street style.

If you’re seeking celebrity style inspiration, go no further than Bella Hadid, who is frequently spotted wearing the most stylish and fashionable streetwear. Nailing the style only with a pair of grey sweatpants combined with a lovely white tank top or a tube top, Bella always stays ahead in the game.

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Another piece of clothing that’s groundbreaking today is cargo pants. Cargo pants aren’t exactly new, but they have found their way into the style trend cycle. They are a simple outfit that can be paired with any kind of top, from leather and bomber jackets to button-downs, to sweatshirts, and anything at all you can think of!

As autumn approaches, you need warmer outfit options. You may have spent the summers in denim shorts, but as the winds get colder, we need warm ideas without having to sacrifice our style. The ample storage of cargo pants were made to carry ammo more conveniently, but today the extra pockets are all the more reason to get that extra-large cappuccino from your favorite coffee place as you won’t have to carry your phone in hand!


It’s unpredictable where the future of street style is headed, but one thing is certain; the age of Instagram and other online social media platforms has kept this long-running trend from dying out. Having survived the 2019 Covid pandemic, it’s safe to assume street style will evolve into something bigger, reaching wider audiences. Everyone who contributes brings something fresh to the table, expressing themselves and bringing a new art form to life. 

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