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Whenever you are preparing for an examination or any kind of test or viva, there are two phases. Phase 1isreading anything for the first time and the second is revising that. The number of times you practices phase two the number of times you get better in the examination. The most important is how frequently we determine a particular topic or subject that how much duration we need to take for the revision of a particular topic. Of course, the more revision you do, the same sentence and same wording will encode in your mind, and you utilize your views in your examination easily.
So basically you have three phases of revision which are
• Reading
• Audio
• Visual

It is by far the most important phase for any kind of revision according to Thesis writing help Whenever you are reading for the very first time just make notes out of it, therefore when the next time you revise a particular topic, just make sure that doesn’t go over the book again. Just read your hand made notes again and again until your mind fully accepts your points related to your studies. Additionally, the main point is that you have to read your handwritten notes and only your notes, don’t copy from anyone because, if you do this you won’t be understood properly about the topic, as everyone way of thinking is change. So if you do this wouldn’t be correct. Therefore always make your notes and revise as much as you can.
Use of Fingertips
Our fingertips are much faster than our visual speed because of our mental procedure. The point is that you have to take your notes and point your finger from the top left corner and start moving your fingertips through your notes and read all the material you have written and then gradually increase your fingertips and reading, with this your eyes will follow your fingertips. Automatically your brain accepts all topics and memorizes easily from your notes and it is much easier for you.
Use Highlighter and Remove Unnecessary Words
You have to remove your unnecessary words and highlight all the important points. Emphasize you can easily connect with the academic writers in the UK for important lines or words which you think could be convenient for your examination or any kind or assignment test. Once you see those important words, the entire history or summary recall in your subconscious mind.

Make Flow Chart
Always prefer to draw a flow chart for any kind of topic; it helps you a lot for sure. It will reduce your number of words and stick to the basic point, which means fewer words more speed that mean much more frequency of revision.
Use 80/20 Rule
80/20 rule state that, all of the questions which come into your exams are 80% from those questions which 20% of the material you learn. Make your brain smart with CIPD assignment help and learn and revise all those important questions which your teacher asked to be study related to your topic, rather than reading every single thing.

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