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The practice of Virasana, know the method and all the benefits

The word Virasana (Veer + Asana) made up of two Sanskrit words is known as Hero Pose in English. The meaning of this asana is exactly from its name. This posture makes our body in the posture of a hero i.e. a heroic. People often get cheated in Virasana and Vajrasana. Let us tell you that Virasana is different from Vajrasana, but there is not much difference between the postures of both. To make the posture of Virasana, one has to first come in the posture of Vajrasana. There are many types of other classes in Virasana. The most famous posture of the category of Virasana is Supt Virasana, in which the body has to lie on the back after sitting. Along with removing the heaviness of your body, it also makes many parts of the body very strong. This asana is considered a very important asana in Hatha Yoga. By coming in this posture, the back part of your body remains balanced. Spiritual powers also develop by doing this asana. It is believed that if Padmasana and Bakrasana are done before doing Virasana, then its benefits are doubled. Virasana is a meditation pose. It is considered more appropriate to do this in the morning for better results. While doing this, your attention should be concentrated.

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1. Flat Feet

Flat Feet is a disorder in the feet in which the soles of our feet are flat. Due to the lack of arch in the soles, they remain flat and for this reason, they are called flat feet or flat feet. This is mostly seen in the newborn, which gets better with increasing age. But sometimes this problem remains in children forever due to lack of nutrients. This problem is also genetics. Injuries or falls can also result in flat feet. In such a situation, regular practice of Virasana should be done twice a day. Virasana stresses the soles of the feet. Also, this asana strengthens the ankles and helps you in making the arch.

2. High Blood Pressure

When the blood flow in the veins suddenly increases, it is called high blood pressure. There are many reasons for high blood pressure, the main reason being stress. Due to stress, blood flow becomes faster and there is more stress on the nerves, which can lead to stroke, heart attack, and even death. In such a situation, Virasana is considered a miraculous yoga asana. Taking long deep breaths in the posture of Virasana calms the mind. This reduces stress and slows the flow of blood. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure, it can happen to any person at any time, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of this disease increases even more. Therefore, every person should practice Virasana daily for 15 to 20 minutes. Those who are already struggling with the problem of BP, then they must practice it.

3. Asthma

Asthma, which is called asthma in the common language, is a type of respiratory disease. When the airways of the lungs become inflamed, there is difficulty in breathing, in such a situation, the risk of an asthma attack increases. Cough and chest pain arises when there is no breath. Starts sweating. The patient’s condition worsens. Asthma occurs due to many reasons like pollution, allergies, respiratory system infection, genetics, etc. Asthma patients have to resort to inhalers to avoid breathing problems. It takes time to root it out. In such a situation, to prevent asthma attacks and to get rid of the habit of inhaling, one must practice Virasana. The practice of Virasana strengthens your respiratory system, which makes you fully capable of breathing. Practicing this yoga asana daily can make you free from asthma. It works on your breathing technique to make it better and calmer.

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4. Depression

Depression, which we commonly know by the name of depression, is a dangerous disease. This disease affects in every way the health of the person who takes it. Today, one out of every 7 people is battling depression. In such a situation, yoga is a major and important way to avoid it. People who practice yoga never fall in the grip of depression. According to experts, Virasana has been considered a miraculous yoga practice for depression. Sitting in the posture of Virasana, you have to take deep long breaths. By doing this your mind becomes calm and you get relief from stress. While practicing Virasana, you have to sit in a meditative posture and concentrate only on your breath. By doing this daily, you will get many benefits and will get immense power to fight depression and stress.

5. Indigestion

Indigestion problem is quite common. By practicing Virasana regularly, you can get rid of indigestion. Sitting in the posture of Virasana has a positive effect on your stomach intestines, as well as your navel and digestive system. It is believed that by doing Hero Pose, your digestive system becomes very strong. Due to this, the food you eat is also easily digested. It also gives relief from many other stomach disorders including indigestion.

Method of doing Virasana:

  • First of all, by laying a carpet on the ground, stand in a careful posture.
  • Now sit on the ground and make the posture of Vajrasana.
  • Now hold your left heel and leave the leg under the hip and meet the left thigh and keep it stable on the ground, now repeat the same process with your right leg.
  • Then your hips are on the ground.
  • Make it in Om mudra with both your hands and place it on your knees.
  • Your Virasana posture is ready.
  • Meditate and sit in this posture for at least 15 minutes.

By regularly practicing Virasana Mudra, you can get rid of many problems. This practice is considered extremely beneficial in the diseases mentioned in this article. If you are suffering from any serious illness or injury, do this asana only after consulting a doctor.

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