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The top 5 amenities that a luxury apartment should have

There has been a major spike in demand for luxury apartments, especially in metropolitan centres, as the recovering economy has instilled a renewed sense of confidence among property purchasers.

Because of the lifestyle that such complexes provide, living in a fancy apartment has become a prestige symbol. While security and maintenance are crucial, luxury apartments like Ganga Bhagyoday Towers developed byAtul Goel Ganga are more popular because of the facilities they provide.

Top 7 Luxury Apartment Amenities:

Here are five key features that define luxury living in an apartment complex:

Center for Fitness

Any high-end apartment will feature a fully equipped fitness centre. Even while most apartments now include a gym, those with luxury residential apartments have more equipment and greater quality to help you get a better workout.

Swimming Pool

On weekends, imagine taking a refreshing plunge in your 24-hour-access swimming pool. Isn’t it thrilling? For both youngsters and adults, swimming pools have become the perfect leisure hotspot. Furthermore, many high-end residential complexes are increasingly offering rooftop swimming pools.

Sporting Venues

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities, such as badminton, basketball, cricket, table tennis, and snooker, are available in apartment buildings, making life more exciting for inhabitants. It also makes children feel at ease in their surroundings.

Green Areas

For people who live in the concrete jungle, green space is the ideal amenity. After a long day, residents can relax in a magnificent setting with a pleasant space and a running track. You’ve got the entire package if you include a senior citizen park and a children’s play area.


A luxury apartment’s most distinguishing feature is the generous amount of living space it provides. Luxury apartment developments offer a variety of options for your dream home, ranging from large 2-bedroom apartments to ultra-spacious 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes.

The following are some of the advantages of staying in a large apartment:

a. Peace and contentment among the residents of the flat as a result of the personal space they have.

b. Whether you’re dancing/playing instruments or doing yoga/exercise, having more room allows you to enjoy your favourite activity.

c. More fun time with family and friends during get-togethers is also encouraged by the large open area says Atul Goel Pune.

Garden on the balcony

With its unique ‘balcony gardens,’ a luxury apartment building brings nature into your home. Not only does this improve the ambiance’s visual attractiveness, but it also helps to reduce air pollution, bringing fresh air into the apartment.

A relaxing environment

Apartments used to be small and tight, but those days are long gone. The essential characteristic of a luxury apartment is that it is spacious and comfortable to live in. Luxury apartments range in size from roomy two-bedroom units to ultra-large three-, four-, and five-bedroom units.


Because not all luxury residential apartments will provide all of these features, you will need to prioritise them in order to discover the ideal apartment for you. Ganga Bhagyoday Towers by Atul Goel Ganga Pune provides the best-in-class luxury residential apartments in Pune, with all of these features and many more.

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